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Cook with CicciaBella x RUSSH Weekend

CicciaBella RUSSH Weekend

CicciaBella's Maurice Terzini and Nic Wong want you to know that having a dinner party can be easy, and fun. So this Saturday July 18, as part of RUSSH Weekend, they're going to show you how they do it.

For their session titled CicciaBella Cucina Povera: Cooking With Ingredients and Palate Not Skill, they'll be sharing a menu with focus on great produce and simple ingredients. If you're in Sydney, you can pick up the CicciaBella x RUSSH Menu Pack - containing everything you'll need to put it together. Then tune in live @russhmagazine from 10:30am on Saturday July 18 for the session with head chef, Wong.

"We intend to showcase really good tasty ingredients with a simple approach to eating good food at home," explains Wong of the session.

"We have designed a pack that will be available to buy over the weekend from CicciaBella."

"We want to explain how easy preparing a dinner party can be and at the end of the day you should be having fun and not be stressed out!"

On the menu, you'll find the following:


Sonoma focaccia
Olasagasti anchovies
Bucatini pasta
Ossobuco ragu
Westholme wagyu minute steak
Insalata Terzini
Affogato kit


CicciaBella has also provided a method for those following on at home.



Toast focaccia in oven for 10 mins at 180 °C.  Open tin of anchovies.

Cook pasta in boiling salted water for two minutes and strain.  Reheat ragu in a pan on medium heat add pasta to ragu, toss well & serve season your steak with a little salt cook steak on a hot pan, till a nice char on both sides. Remove from pan & put salmoriglio all over steak

Place salad leaves in a bowl and add Terzini salad dressing. Toss leaves well.

Plate and serve scoop gelato into a glass. Reheat espresso and pour over hot.



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If that all sounds very doable, well, that's the point.

"I like the idea that we are talking more about how simple food can be and how eating at home and preparing a dinner party can be quite simple," says CicciaBella restaurateur Maurice Terzini

You can order your CicciaBella x RUSSH menu pack now - for pick up on Thursday 16, Friday 17 and Saturday 18 July. Packs also include a copy of RUSSH's latest 'Connection' issue. But get in fast: numbers are limited. 

For anyone unable to collect a pack from CicciaBella - and for future dinner party reference - use the ingredients above as your guide. The restaurant has provided the recipe for its Salmoriglio sauce below, to reference on your next shopping list.




One bunch tarragon
One bunch mint
One bunch parsley
One bunch basil
Two garlic cloves, finely chopped
Pinch salt
Juice of two lemons
100ml olive oil
One tablespoon fennel seed


Toast fennel seeds in a pot, over medium heat until a light brown colour is achieved.

Remove and crush in a mortar and pestle, keep it a little rustic

Add fennel back to pot, along with olive oil and salt

Place on low heat and add garlic. Warm until 100 degrees, or thereabouts. Allow to cool in pot.

Pick mint, tarragon, parsley and basil. Chop all herbs roughly and add to oil, you should be able to touch the oil temperature.

Add lemon juice and mix well. Allow to cool.

Store in fridge for five days.


RUSSH Weekend - a festival for creative minds - runs on Instagram Live at @russhmagazine from Saturday July 18 to Sunday July 19. Find out more, here.