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Oh so sweet: 25 Christmas baking treats that are better than a gift

christmas baking gifts

As the festive season continues to creep up on us, many of us (at least the organised among us) are beginning to curate our Christmas shopping list. While the convenience of jumping online or heading out to your favourite stores to shop for loved ones might seem like the more logical (and considerably easier) solution; sometimes, there's nothing better than receiving the gift of a sweet, surprising edible treat to kick off Christmas morning. Which, is why we're sharing 25 of our favourite Christmas baking gifts that are just as good – if not better – than a regular present.


Chocolate Tahini Linzer Cookies



christmas baking gifts


Pecan Pie Truffles





Raspberry Rugelach



christmas baking gifts



Saffron Turkish Delight







christmas baking gifts

Greek Christmas Shortbread Cookies Recipe (Kourabiethes)



christmas baking gifts

Ultimate easy gingerbread



christmas baking gifts

Rich dark chocolate and stout fruit cake



christmas baking gifts

Matcha and coconut trees


Mocha truffles



White Christmas Lamington muffins



christmas baking gifts

Mince pie baklava



Candy Cane Chocolate Bark



Fig relish



christmas baking gifts

Pepparkakor cookies



christmas baking gifts

Soft and chewy chocolate cranberry cookies



Holiday Yule log cake







Easy rocky road recipe



Chocolate Peppermint Fudge


Edible Christmas Snow Domes


Homemade Irish Cream Liquor

Gingerbread Christmas Tree

Homemade Christmas Pickles


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