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The perfect DIY Christmas gifts for the most sentimental people in your life

The perfect DIY Christmas gifts for the most sentimental people in your life

For those who want to pull at heart strings with homemade sentimentality. DIY Christmas gifts that come straight from the heart are like no other – whether it's a personalised gift for a special loved one, a thoughtful offering like no other, a delicious baked treat or a DIY project you can work on together, sometimes all you need is a gesture and the opportunity to create your own adventure.

DIY may seem intimidating, which is why we've included a wide range of things that can be done together, gifts for your loved one to make on their own, activities to join in on, and classes to take. Below, you'll find budget friendly options alongside elegant and creative gifts for your craftiest of friends with our DIY gift guide. Happy crafting!


1. LIFE CYKEL Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit

DIY Christmas Gifts

2. Make a Playlist


3. Make Fresh Pasta Together


4. BONDI CLAY Ceramics Class


5. YOUGI Candle Making Kit


6. Write a letter


7. Initiate a book swap


8. Bake cookies


9. DIY Tie Dye Kit


10. DIY Shell Tea Lights


11. Make homemade jam


12. Do a puzzle together

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