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At home with BAINA co-founder Bailey Meredith

bailey meredith home

Our homes are markedly more beautiful thanks to luxury towelling label BAINA. So it only makes sense that it's co-founder Bailey Meredith would own a striking home herself. With an eye for the interplay of colours and an enviable collection of mid-century furniture and contemporary art, Meredith's new place in Paddington, Sydney, is a sacred refuge away from the outside world.

Recently, Meredith welcomed RUSSH into her home allowing us to capture the creative director and co-founder's thoughtfully curated spaces. Below, Meredith talks growing up in New Zealand, the piece of furniture on her wishlist, and the music that soundtracks her domestic life.


bailey meredith home

Where did you grow up and what are some memories that you treasure from living in New Zealand as a kid in the 90s?

Growing up in New Zealand, I was so fortunate to be immersed in nature. My family had a bach in Whangamatā on the east coast, where we spent many weekends and summer holidays. With its long stretches of golden sand, I have fond memories of spending hours swimming in the ocean and finding shells and treasures brought in by the tide. The scent of sunscreen and salt-tinged air can still evoke those memories.


You have a beloved collection of mid-century furniture. What piece is your favourite?

Our dining table. We bought it over from New Zealand when we moved. It’s sentimental to me because of all the dinners we’ve hosted around it over the years.

What drew you to make the move from New Zealand to Sydney?

We launched BAINA when Anna and I were living in Melbourne, however we both moved back to New Zealand shortly after. With roots in both Australia and New Zealand we’ve always considered ourselves an Antipodean brand. It was important to us, if the opportunity arose to live in Australia again, we would. Luckily for my husband and I, this was the case – and it’s so nice to be back. The thing I’ve loved most is the community we’ve created, and how welcoming everyone has been.


You have an incredible eye for colour. What are some colours that resonate with you within the home and what are some of your favourite colours in general?

I guess I don’t really have one particular favourite colour but rather love the interplay between colours. The way you can combine complementary or unexpected pairings, exploring the versatility and visual impact that can arise from not a single colour, but a combination of colours. I think the magic lies in the contrast and connection between different hues. I’ve always been drawn to a neutral palette with a pop of colour for the home. How a neutral tone can create calm, yet a pop of colour can inject energy and personality.


Who are the paintings in your home by?

My living room features Birrarangga (Melbourne) based artist Dom Platz. My dining room has work from Bohdan Burenko, a contemporary artist who lives and works in Kyiv, Ukraine. The office contains my most recent piece which was gifted to me. It’s by an Auckland based artist, Nick Herd. In the bedroom, a sculpture bow by Lisa Cooper.

bailey meredith home
What are some favourite books in your collection?

A Dictionary of Color Combinations Vol 1 and The Essential Cy Twombly.


Your Baina pieces have the power to make a bathroom sing. No doubt, you've seen many spaces doing what you do – what makes a beautiful washroom?

A space that you feel calm and tranquil in, where you can decompress and reset. The bathroom is an individual space and really depends on what materials resonate personally. Often though the bathroom is a blank canvas, characterised by cool, clean lines and hard fixtures. There is room to layer colour and texture in the space, individualising the bathroom to reflect your personal aesthetic. I think this is what makes the most interesting and beautiful bathing spaces.

If you could choose any piece of furniture to add to your home, what are you looking to build into your collection?

A beautiful desk to work at.

You have a beautiful record player. Do you have any advice for someone wanting to elevate the aural element of their home?

The turntable is a Technics 1210 paired with an Ortofon 2M stylus and KEF Q150 speakers, and a Rega Fono A2D preamp. It makes for a great home setup for a broad range of music.

We listen to a wide variety of records at home depending on our mood, from jazz to hip hop, electronic to indie, but some of our go-to records include:

Circles by Mac Miller, Space is Only Noise by Nicolas Jaar, Fear Fun by Father John Misty and Voyager by Moonchild.

What’s coming next for Baina?

We are committed to creating timeless collections, with mindful craftsmanship to thoughtfully extend our consumer offering. Growing the brand in a sustainable way is so important for Anna and I. We look forward to continuing to serve our customer in the bathing space – extending the moments that begin and end each day. We are excited to continue to build BAINA with longevity in mind, applying high consideration to our brand, product and offering.

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