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Tom Holland is about to get nasty in his new film, ‘Cherry’


It's almost time to witness sweet, sweet Spiderman (AKA Tom Holland) do some nasty illicit things in his upcoming film, Cherry. Are you ready?

In a new teaser trailer for the project, Holland will play the lead in a film adaptation of Nico Walker’s 2018 novel, Cherry, as an Army medic who returns from war with PTSD and develops an opioid addiction, so turns to robbing banks. The original novel is reportedly based on the authors life story, and the film will be led by Avengers directors, Joe and Anthony Russo. “It’s a story about drug addiction and the opioid crisis,” Joe Russo told Deadline last year. “It’s touched us both, it’s a deeply personal movie for us. The gent who wrote the book went through the same growth arc in the same part of the city we grew up in — but different experiences.”

“It will be rated R,” Anthony Russo said. “It’s a complicated and mature movie. It doesn’t have the surface-level entertainment of Marvel films, but these are stories that need to be told, and Joe and I are in that position to get these stories made.”

The film will be rated R, and takes place near the Russo's hometown of Cleveland. We're not sure how R-rated things will actually get outside of illicit drug use and potential violence, but I'm sure there is someone out there hoping things might get nasty in other ways (not me, unfortunately). Cherry is set to release on Apple TV+ in 2021, although an exact date is still unconfirmed.

The teaser, which was released January 8, shows Holland's character interviewing to join the US Army with a man who calls everybody a 'joker' according to his character, and alludes to a dark future for Holland as he is sworn into his post. You can watch it below.

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