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Champagne Ayala’s female chef series speaks to all of our cooking dreams

Being a chef is not for the faint hearted. The pressure, the heat and the long hours are enough for anyone to second guess the vocation. That's the talented people in this field have our hearts. Especially, women who have had to fight harder in this male dominated industry. So, it brings great joy to see our favourite champagne house, Ayala, supporting the women excelling in the field.

As part of a collaboration with UK culture guide SquareMeal, Ayala has graced us all with a new series highlighting the best British female chefs. The Best Female Chefs Series 2021 kicks off with Sally Abé, the consultant chef at The Conrad London St James, where has opened her first restaurant, The PemThe restaurant is strikingly feminine, a mix of mauve and soft pink with tweed details. The lighting is just so with striking monochrome flooring.

In an interview Sally touches on the ever-poignant subjects of sustainability and her disdain for toxic work environments. For Abé, her latest restaurant, The Pem, will be a celebration of women. It was essential that the starting team were almost all female, an active measure for a male-dominated industry. And if you're wondering what to expect from the food? No fuss, simple and driven by nostalgia.


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Sally is described as a "ball of productivity", talkative and warm. She worked her way up through London's dining scene with her first job starting at two Michelin starred Ledbury. Making appearances at Elystan Street and Harwood Arms also. It's hard not to be obsessed after reading her interview. And when you have one of the oldest Champagne houses spotlighting you, it's time to call your mum and call it a day. You've made it.

If this is what the first instalment of the series brings forth, we're in for a good time. You can keep an eye out for more on Champagne Ayalas Instagram.


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