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Debauchery and Dancing: Inside F*ck Fashion, Let’s Dance 2021

We danced, oh, we danced. Heart thumping, shoulders brushing, heads swinging, fashion week is back. Meaning, F*ck Fashion, Let’s Dance is back and in this year’s Afterpay Australian Fashion Week schedule. The annual RUSSH fashion week party where we forget it all for a single night and lean into energy, the energy we’re all running off during the week that is.

This year’s rave cave started slow with an intimate hotel suite party hosted by the Intercontinental Double Bay, where friends of RUSSH including Shimma Marie, Jessica Gomes, Sarah Ellen, Manahou Mackay, Mimi Elashiry, Ilkin Kurt, Christelle Scifo and Gabrielle Penfold to name just a few, swung by to sip Ayala champagne, drink Vida Glow and be styled in Swarovski crystals for the main event. Once in (for those who had the patience for the line), guests were enticed onto the dance floor by artist and DJ Carla Uriarte’s smooth set followed by Endless DJ Mitch Tolman (from our beloved Sydney punk band Low Life). As Hendricks ‘Glow Gimlet’s’ (a bespoke cocktail containing Vida Glow’s Marine Collagen) were served, alongside Modus Operandi beer and an always surprising selection of wine from DRNKS, we reunited with some of our original dance floor co-conspirators collaborators and more. When K-rap band 1300 brought the big energy at a few minutes past midnight Montana Cox, Tom Derickx, Yan Yan Chan, Victoria Lee, Cameron Stephens, Blessed, Koujayn were among the crowd still holding the disco balls high until chameleon-like Byron Spencer played the last set.

A night to remember. Swinging from the rooftop energy, almost literally. Steam was blown, hair was let down, red shoes were put on.

The rest was a blur. Lengthy catch ups intercepted with “I love this song!”s, secret rendezvous’ in faraway booths, the sound of Love Is In The Air ringing in our ears. Ending the night rolling into bed in our 'F*ck Fashion, Let’s Dance’ T-Shirt’s, supplied courtesy of our friends at Nobody Denim, we’ll be reminiscing on this one until next year…

Let’s sway, sway through the crowd to an empty space.


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