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Sarah Ellen shares her photo diary from the ‘RUSSH’ F*ck Fashion, Let’s Dance party

A moment to let your hair down and live it up.

After a year spent in lockdown and limbo, Fashion Week Australia is back and bigger than ever. Likewise the annual RUSSH F*ck Fashion, Let's Dance fashion week afterparty was back in full force - certainly one of the biggest parties we've seen since COVID first hit Australia in early 2020.

A welcome back to the lifestyle Sydney is so famous for, partygoers met at Double Bay's Bedouin for an evening of music and martinis.

Actor, model and RUSSH favourite Sarah Ellen carried with her a point-and-shoot camera across the evening to document the festivities. Lo and behold, we share her photo diary from a night to remember.






Kitty and Monty Callaghan.


Matilda Dods.







Tom Derickx.



Victoria Lee.






Kitty Callaghan.


Jasmine O'Neill, Alice Yang and Tamara Davidson. 





Tom Derickx, Sarah Ellen, Mikka Byarugaba and Caroline Tran. 






Sam Armstrong and Josh Priestly.


Sam Armstrong.







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