You won’t forget ‘Courage’ issue cover star Cameron Stephens

Cameron Stephens Model Profile the Courage issue

Cameron Stephens is telling us she’s “just a normal girl from Sydney” and, well, what constitutes ‘normal’ anyway? Our new 'Courage' issue cover star is down to earth, certainly. But on several occasions in the course of creating this issue we’ve found ourselves asking, is she even real?

Strong, wise, creative, and with excellent taste in music, Stephens fell into modelling after entering a casting call.

“At first I wasn’t going to do it because I thought I did not have a chance ... It really was out of my comfort zone.”

“... And the more I thought about it I thought, I’m really not going to lose anything. If it happens, it happens. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t.” Of course, it happened.


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A fashion enthusiast since way back, part of Stephens’ impetus to take that leap was an opportunity to align herself with the movement towards greater inclusivity in the industry. “Helping to change the Australian fashion industry and how they’ve perceived curve models, I’ve found it very gratifying to be able to meet so many people in the industry and talk to them about diversity and inclusivity ... making people more aware and educating them on how important it is ... and we’re not seen as just another pretty face or someone to put in a campaign, I think it’s so important that people see far beyond that.”

“Growing up and loving fashion and following the runway shows and making mood boards of my own as a kid, I just didn’t see a lot of me in the girls that I saw online,” she says.

“You kind of need that girl. And to see a lot of other girls following suit and seeing that come up in the industry, it’s really great to see that.”


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When Stephens envisions courage, she says, “It’s really just about being brave and being who you are at the end of the day ... I think it’s leading the change and talking to people and having your own input, and just living unapologetically.”

For Stephens, that includes an aspiration “to live a balanced life.”

Her stance on the future: hopeful, always. “2020 has had so many challenges. Our life as we know it has changed and adapted within months and we’ve remained resilient through it all.

“So yes, the future to me has an air of optimism surrounding it.”


See more in the 'Courage' issue, out September 3. Find it on the RUSSH store, or search your nearest stockist here.

Prints photographed by Gabriela Hidalgo on Fujifilm Instax Wide 300.

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