The RUSSH Editors share the beauty favourites we buy on repeat

Sometimes great loves don’t always cause a stir. They call it ‘going steady’ for a reason. In the case of products, we know the old faithfuls will always be there for us. Maybe they live on your bottom shelf, maybe they are always on your person. Here, the RUSSH editors talk about the one (or more) products that have remained through thick and thin.




Ella Jane

Production Coordinator

In true Gen-z form, my love for CeraVe runs deep. I discovered their Daily Moisturizing Lotion when it launched in Australia last year and it hasn’t left my bathroom shelf since. Light enough for year-round wear and enriched with enough ceramides to keep your skin barrier happy through it all, there really is nothing to fault about this moisturizer. On the outside it looks like something that’s been residing at the back of your aunts cupboard for 25+ years. On the inside, sweet, balanced skin awaits.



Elle Presbury

Market & Beauty Director


If we are talking about beauty then I most frequently use The Beauty Chef Glow Inner Beauty Essential. I’ve gone through countless jars since it was first released. Perhaps it's psychological, making me feel on top of my life if I add supercharged powders to my morning smoothie. But I do feel just overall better when I am regularly consuming this. Extra points for tasting good. They’ve recently updated the formula, so your morning boost is now ever better. 

On a more practical front the Water Wipes from Woolworths is the most useful staple to have in your bathroom. They are made of just two ingredients; 99.9% purified water and a drop of fruit extract. Tip courtesy of having lots of sisters with lots of babies. They’re good for taking your makeup off when you can’t be bothered, to take travelling, even to clean when you’re in a rush.



Mia Steiber

Digital Content Director

There are a few products that I will always come back to. My main ride or die skincare product is The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid Serum. In fact, when it looked like Deciem might be going out of business, I immediately ordered 15 so that I would be well stocked in case the worst happened. Thankfully that didn’t happen.

I also really love Glossier’s Milky Jelly Cleanser and the Priming Moisturiser. I don’t use them all the time because I try out a lot of other products for reviews. But if I’m not working on a review, those are my go-tos. Unfortunately, they’re still not shipping to Australia so I buy five of each every time I take a trip to the US. I’m down to two, so I might run out before border restrictions lift. Eeep! 

Lastly, it’s a recent discovery but my home will never again be without a bottle of Aesop’s Cythera room spray. It is heaven in a bottle.



Megan Nolan

Digital Operations Manager

I’ve been using the Mac Studio Moisture Cream since I started wearing makeup and I now can’t live without it. The lovely assistant at David Jones told me to use this to counteract the wildy ill-suited foundation (which I NEEDED because all my friends had it) which would inevitably dry out my skin. It’s the perfect consistency for me and actually feels like it keeps my face hydrated all day. It also feels super luxe going on and honestly no one will ever be able to convince me to change I don’t think.

The Clinique concealer I’ve been using for forever is one I stole from my mum. It’s actually meant for smoothing over fine lines and wrinkles, but I use it for everything and anything I feel the need to. The skin under my eyes is almost translucent and I get very dark bags whether I’ve had 4 hours of sleep or 40. This is the only thing I’ve found which will fix it and I freak out every time I can’t find it in stores. Lucky for me it’s very easy to find online.



Gabriela Hidalgo

Brand & Art Director

You can buy as many artfully packaged beauty products as you like but if your skin is attached to something it’s over, there is no room for negotiation regardless of how good (or bad) it’ll look on your beauty counter. As someone with sensitive-ish skin, I find myself coming back to the Hydrating jelly by Clinique. It is scent, paraben and oil free, not too rich yet somehow incredibly hydrating. It can be layered and worn overnight as a mask or simply as a daily moisturiser.

I don’t wear much makeup but I cannot go without a subtle highlighter (emphasis on the subtle) which is incredibly difficult to find. Usually, formulas carry such noticeable glitter particles that shine far too bright for my liking. The Baume Essentiel by Chanel is the ultimate ‘glowy but not shiny’ highlighter for that healthy looking light ‘bounce’, which can also be layered for a bit more intensity.



Andrea Tchacos

Deputy Editor

My beautiful and influentially low maintenance mama introduced me to Cetaphil when I was a teen, and now it’s the moisturiser I go back to when I want some uncomplicated soothing. Like when a new product has caused a reaction, or I’m layering an active ingredient, or my skin is changing. I take it on holiday ’cause it works for body too. There’s always a bottle on my top shelf.



Natalie Petrevski

Fashion Editor

An old faithful that won’t break the bank. Mario Badescu’s Facial Spray is my go-to for a quick and effective hydrating boost. Aloe, cucumber and green tea for the day to day when needing added moisture and radiance - especially great in summer. Aloe, chamomile and lavender for the evenings post skincare routine for a calming mist to aid sleep and relaxation. Hot tip, when travelling becomes an actual thing again, don’t take these on your carry on (though they would be great for flying) as they will be confiscated even at 118ml. Learned that the hard way... Three times. 


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