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Tik Tok’s latest food obsession is…frozen honey?

Tik Tok has had a firm grip on our cooking sensibilities for far longer than we're comfortable with. What can be a place of inspiration, learning and community can quickly decline into a kitchen nightmare.

In the latest instalment of disrespect, someone has decided that they can improve honey. By putting it in the freezer. Call me a purist, but any self respecting eater of honey would know the rules. Hot drinks - yum. Baking, very good. We can even get behind it in a DIY face mask. But the fat gobs of glue-y honey issuing from everyones freezer is a no go.

The one question that has plagued my mind since the Tik Tok honey trend cursed my feed is, "you stole from the bees...for this?"

This is not the first time the youths of Tik Tok have served some truly perplexing cuisine. Need I remind you of the 'pasta chip' debacle? And while we're on the subject of pasta, does anyone remember the sad slop that was 'baked feta and tomato pasta'? Italians were crying salty tears into their tomato vines.

While it's not like me to propel you any further into the churn of Tik Tok's questionable tastes. If you were looking to forgo the classic use of honey and try out...this, here's how. Apparently all you need is some, yes, honey. And depending on the consistency you're after you can decant it and mix it with water first, or you can pop it straight in a, preferably, plastic bottle into the freezer. Some leave it for three hours, others let it spend a night in the freezer. It's completely up to you. When you're ready, pull it out, pop the lid off and enjoy, I guess?

Can somebody please, for the love of all things pure and decent, check on these kids, are they okay?


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Images: Avery Cyrus, Feel Good Foodie