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Our favourite wine stores that thankfully deliver in these dire times

You know the drill. Lockdown drinking is an undeniable part of life when we exist with very little alternate ways to pass the time. While we'd always encourage readers to drink responsibly, cracking into a natural drop each evening can hardly be considered in poor taste, especially when said cracking goes hand in hand with uplifting local businesses.

We're essentially doing a good deed, and good deeds deserve to be spread like cheer. If you, too, are in a dire situation that can only be made better with a generous pour, these are our favourite wine stores that also happen to do online delivery for times of need. We have even included non alcoholic stockists in case you want to join the party sober.



favorite wine stores

The OG of wine delivery services. Located at the back of a pub, famed for their packs of expertly selected natural wine, DRNKS has all of your natural and organic wine needs, with same-day delivery Sydney wide. For those interstate, never fear! You can still order, it just takes a minute longer.


Winona Wine

favorite wine stores

A northern beaches favourite for  very obvious reasons. Offering some of the juiciest drops you can get your hands on and the most skin contact we've all had in a while, Winona is a winner.


P&V Merchants

favorite wine stores

Situated in both Newtown and Paddington, P&V is both our local haunt, and they come through when we're spending ample time at home. Pick a pack, or self-select, the journey is up to you, it's just important that you take it.


Not Wasted

Another tightly curated selection of minimal intervention wines, Not Wasted is another one for the Sydney books. They also offer a fun selection of non-alcoholic sips for all those wanting to be a part of it, but not like that.


Different Drop

favorite wine stores


We love a different drop! Committed to helping you discover the best and most exciting artisanal wines and spirits Australia has to offer, Different Drop has it all, and they deliver across Sydney and Melbourne.


Juice Traders

It's all in the name, really. Adelaide based Juice Traders offer some of our most beloved natural drops, and they deliver to all the major regions of the nation. Win(e), win(e)!


Good Pair Days

Good Pair Days is a bloody good idea, that's for sure. Conceived with the intention to help folks find wine they will truly love, and expand their palette at the same time, with Good Pair Days you'll start with a quiz, and end up with a pack of wine that is curated for you.


Dusty Vin

For those who are not drinking for a myriad of respected reasons, Dusty Vin will be your new great love. Run as a small business from the Gold Coast, Dusty Vin is the only non-alcoholic online store that purely stocks Australian only products. With delivery to the door for those who live in the Gold Coast, and Australian wide delivery for those who don't, it is perfect for those who want to socially drink without the effects of alcohol. Win, win!



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