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In more chaotic news, someone is making candles that smell like our favourite, unproblematic men

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Putting my hand up to say that this may be the most chaotic article I ever write in my career as a journalist; but boy, is it an important one. As someone with a hefty list of famous crushes, (the good type, don't worry), I can confidently say that on more than one occasion, I have thought deeply about what they might smell like. It's a bizarre line of thought, I'll admit, but I know with certainty that I'm not alone. Scent, of course, is one of the main pillars of attraction. In a strange twist of internet events, turns out I never need to wonder again; because someone is making candles that supposedly smell like the celebrity men I happen to be in love with.

It's insane. I recognise it even more so as I continue to write this article, but as if you wouldn't want to manifest the presence of your dream man in your home? I realised, in some ways, I have already been doing this. Last year, during the midst of the pandemic – which, side note, we were all very vulnerable at this time – a candle went viral across the world for allegedly smelling like Harry Styles' signature scent, Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille. Given that I couldn't get my hands on the dupe, I opted for the next best thing – hunting down Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather candle, (similar to the fragrance), until it happened to appear in our beauty cupboard one day.

A stroke of fate if I've ever seen one.

However, he is only one of the many celebrity men who are being immortalised into candles. The likes of Timothée Chalamet, Adam Driver and even Champagne Papi, aka. Drake are getting their moment. Below, I present Cool Girls Candles – the brand making candles that apparently smell like celebrity men (and women). Do with this information what you will.

Harry Styles


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Similarly to the Tom Ford dupe that emerged last year, this Smells Like Harry Styles candle is threaded with notes of warm, smoky tobacco, with traces of creamy vanilla and cocoa. A perfect winter scent.

Adam Driver


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Unproblematic king, Adam Driver, rightfully deserves his own candle – especially after we saw those House of Gucci photos. Serving us 'warm hug' vibes, Driver's signature scent features saffron, warm spices, incense, patchouli, sandalwood, amber and smoke.



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Like the majority of the population, I have never been in Drake's presence. But, I'm sure if I had, I'd agree that notes of lavender, rosemary, vetiver, leather and lemon verbena, warmed up with cinnamon and amber would be a fair takeaway.

Timothée Chalamet


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The sweetest boy in all the land, it's only right that Timothée Chalamet's signature candle reflects his angelic demeanour. Soft, sweet notes of peach and mandarin, paired with warm, beguiling, woody aromatics like santal, cedar, amber, bergamot, musk, and vanilla.

Chris Evans


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As you'd expect of Captain America, Chris Evan's candle is nothing if not bold. Woody, rich and intoxicating; you'll discover notes of fresh lemon, calming lavender, sandalwood and cedarwood with a hint of musk.

Robert Pattinson


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Last, but certainly not least, bring R. Pats into your home with a candle that is equal parts 'zing' and seduction. Lavender, rosemary, lemon verbena, coriander, cinnamon, carnation, leather, amber and vetiver – I'll be purchasing in ample supply.

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