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5 Instagram accounts to follow if you love Tiny Houses

The tiny house movement is growing bigger and bigger. As more people are looking for new waves of living, tiny houses are proving to offer a more sustainable alternative.

Tiny houses are less expensive than traditional homes or apartments, and give people a different path to owning a home that doesn't involve saddling yourself with a 30 year mortgage. For others, the benefits come from the smaller carbon footprint. Smaller homes use fewer resources and take less electricity and gas to run. Plus many tiny houses can be designed "off-grid" so they can run off your own renewables, like tank water and solar power.

But the real joy of tiny houses comes from the ingenuity and efficiency in their design. The beautifully styled interiors coupled with the idyllic parking locations, it's hard not to fall in love with this style of living.

If you're anything like us, and tiny houses have become something of an obsession, then we have a list of must follow Instagram accounts. Filled with light and airy interiors and plenty of ideas for styling your own home (tiny or not), you'll want to hit follow on these accounts immediately.


Living Big in a Tiny House


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Living Big in a Tiny House is a YouTube channel run by Bryce Langston and Rasa Pescud. The pair explore tiny homes across the globe, interviewing their owners about the design, construction and lifestyle. The YouTube series is a must watch - I am quite convinced that Bryce needs his own Netflix series. So, as you can expect, the show's Instagram account is a haven for tiny house inspo.




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Unyoked is a holiday rental company that offers tiny house for short-term stays. The properties are set in the most stunning, off-the-beaten-track locations, equipped with firepits and not much else. The idea is for you to get out of the cities and reconnect with nature. Cook on an open fire and look up at the big, open sky. The pictures are just too dreamy.


Hauslein Tiny House Co.


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This is a Tiny House construction company that I discovered at the Tiny House carnival in Sydney in 2020. The brand has a few example homes at the carnival on display and let me tell you, they were some of the most beautiful tiny homes I've ever seen. You'll find plenty of snaps you'll want to pin to your Tiny House Pinterest board on this account.


Tiny Away


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Again, Tiny Away was another discovery from the Tiny House Carnival 2020. This company is a tiny house vacation rental brand. A pioneer in the eco-tourism sector, Tiny Away has an array of different properties across Victoria and NSW for whatever kind of holiday you're after. You'll see a preview of the beautiful spaces on the Instagram account.


Tiny House


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This is the official Instagram account for author Brent Heavener. His books are a visual manifesto to tiny house living and show off some of the most spectacular tiny house creations you'll ever see. Take a peek at the Instagram, you won't want to look away.


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