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Photographer Sarah BahBah has ventured into home decor with limited-edition lights

Sarah BahBah neon lights

Sarah BahBah, the viral photographer known for her movie-still-like imagery of sad hot girls is venturing into homewares so that you too can feel like you're existing in a perpetual scene from Euphoria with a limited edition run of neon-lights.

An offering which is part of a collaboration with homewares brand YELLOWPOP for its ongoing “Collab Series.” BahBah's infamous bracketed subtitled are offered in real-life form, with neon copy reading “Bonjour, Bitch”, “[lost in euphoria]”, "[dreams in melancholy]" and "[high on inner being]". The neons are inspired by the photographers imagery which arrive in Wes Anderson-like hues of saturated pastels.

"May these neon lights empower you to tap into your inner magic. May they remind you to indulge in your pleasures and desires without guilt or shame, to dance to the beat of your own drum, to honor the darkness as much as the light, to speak your truth into existence and assert your voice in spaces you’ve been forced to stay silent"  BahBah states on the YELLOWPOP website.


Sarah BahBah neon lights

According to BahBah, there will be a limited run of 50 lights per caption, which totals to only 200 neons available - quite a slim number if you're splitting amongst her 955,000 Instagram followers, we'd say.

With work that went viral almost overnight from people's reaction to the french film-inspired stills of her imagery that reflected the Australian-Palestinian photographer's inner world, BahBah tells NYLON, “As an artist, I advocate for experimentation and finding new ways to execute my stories. Creating this neon collaboration with Yellowpop felt like a perfect alignment. I want these signs to be used to set intentions in your home and embody the art in your space when you choose to switch the lights on,” she said.


Sarah BahBah neon lights


“[lost in euphoria] and [high on inner being] should act as a reminder to surrender to the ebbs and flows of life. I imagine [dreams in melancholy] to be perfect in the bedroom, heightening your awareness of dream state and embracing our sadness as much as we do our light,” adds Bahbah. “‘Bonjour, B*tch’ is a stamp of empowerment, to live boldly and as your most authentic, assertive self.”

The pieces are available to shop via YELLOWPOP’s web store.

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