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It’s Electrifying: Panthère de Cartier glistens in the pages of the ‘Wonder’ issue

cartier wonder issue

Cartier’s Panthère de Cartier range is a universe unto itself. Diamond-encrusted tails, emerald eyes, the range exudes confidence, power and a magnetism inherent to the Maison. It is the ultimate blend of freedom to create, melded with a technical nuance needed to execute in intricacies of such quality jewellery.

Left: CARTIER earrings. Right: CARTIER necklace.

CARTIER rings.


Cartier’s history with the Panther goes back more than a century to 1914, when the motif made its inaugural appearance in an Art Deco-style advertisement, Dame à la Panthère by George Babier. Alongside this, it appeared in the form of a truly exceptional wristwatch, now part of the Cartier collection. Yet, the Panthère de Cartier was still only to become an enigma when intertwined with the life of Jeanne Toussaint, a fixture on Paris’ creative scene invited by Louis Cartier to work alongside himself.

cartier wonder issue

Left: CARTIER earring. Right: CARTIER necklace.


Looking at the collection today – harking back to its connection to the arts scene – it embodies the spirit of the panther, an animal that annihilates the unnecessary, acting only in a brave and productive manner. The animal pounces into lives, culling excess noise and centring attraction on what is important – its ultimate intention bringing us toward a more fulfilling existence. It’s electrifying.

cartier wonder issue

Left: CARTIER necklace and bracelet. Right: CARTIER bracelets.


cartier wonder issue

CARTIER necklace.


‘The Panther won’t stand to see our growth or energy stagnate. Instead, it pounces into our lives and causes all kinds of havoc… with the ultimate intention of bringing us toward more fulfilling lives.’

-Kim Krans ‘The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Guidebook’



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PHOTOGRAPHY Tim Ashton @ After Winter Agency
FASHION Hannah Cooper
MODELS Mikka Byarugaba, Helena Vestergaard @ Kult Australia
HAIR Rory Rice at M.A.P using Rory Rice Luxury Hair Care
MAKEUP Stoj @ The Artist Group using Pat McGrath
PHOTOGRAPHER’S ASSISTANTS Bananas Clarke and Seok-Yoon

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