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The Australian Dreamscape: Cartier announces the opening of its official Oceania flagship store in Sydney

Cartier Oceania flagship

There's nothing that will ever quite compare to the feeling of taking home a new piece of jewellery. Whether it be a piece you have had your eye on for some time, or an unexpected happening of love at first sight; it's the magic of the experience that sets it apart. Just as much about the piece as the journey itself; the sheer joy of entering a store to find 'the one' is unbeatable. It's a feeling that luxury jewellery Maison Cartier have been mastering for years; and now, they're taking that experience to new heights with the announcement of the new Cartier Oceania flagship boutique.

Located within the newly finished George Street Pavilion Building – located on the corner of King Street and George Street – the new flagship store will reimagine luxury spaces as we know it. Occupying approximately 783 square meters across the Ground Floor and Level 1; the new Cartier Oceania flagship store will feature a modern architectural façade which will include a custom-designed curved sandstone and translucent exterior.

Cartier Oceania flagship

“After enjoying a longstanding presence in Australia for more than 45 years, the announcement of our new Oceania flagship marks a thrilling new chapter in the relationship between Cartier and Australians," shared Alban du Mesnil, managing director of Cartier Oceania.

"The new Oceania flagship will embody Parisian elegance whilst paying tribute to Australia’s rich culture and natural beauty, featuring the savoir faire and style Cartier is renowned for around the world. We look forward to welcoming our clients and offering them a unique experience full of discovery."

The new store has been designed by Paris-based architects Moinard Betaille; but will include noticeably Australian touches. The Maison plans to incorporate the work of Australian artisans throughout the interiors, creating a welcoming experience that merges the history of the brand with the hallmarks of its environment.

Cartier Oceania flagship

Cartier's Oceania flagship store is set to open in spring of 2022, and to celebrate the Maison's impending opening, Melbourne 3D artist Paul Milinski has created an animated façade titled, The Australian Dreamscapes. The unique art installation will evolve quarterly until the boutique opens officially; offering a journey through Australian landscapes to the streets of Sydney.

The Australian Dreamscapes are a collection of artworks entirely dedicated to and inspired by the beauty and diverse nature of the Australian environment. This is a vivid visual story of a journey through four unique Australian landscapes, arriving home in Sydney prior to the grand opening of the Cartier Oceania flagship in Spring of 2022," shared Milinski.

This body of work seeks to highlight the majesty and variety of our vast land while signifying digital art as genuine artistic expression. I hope The Australian Dreamscapes offers a sense of escapism as well as a reminder of just how special this country is."

Stay tuned for more details on the Cartier Oceania flagship store to come. And discover more about the enduring legacy of a Cartier Icon through an intimate, RUSSH exclusive film.

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