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Tethered to eternity: Billie Jean and Shimma Marie on the everlasting bond of friendship

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There are few things in this world that truly transcend time. The ability to bring us back; grounding us in spaces we know deeply – physically and spiritually – regardless of where our head rests at night. A connection that isn't dictated by a timeline, but rather an innate feeling. Love, in all its forms, is one of these signifiers, bounding us tightly to this feeling of forever; that this will last forever. Tethered to eternity, this is where Cartier cements its legacy. A marriage of timelessness, communication through design and sentimentality that cannot be matched.

Since its inception in 1847, Cartier has redefined our understanding of the everlasting bond. Both through the Maison's remarkable designs, but even more significantly through the stories they tell. Cartier unites us through craftsmanship; but the paths we take with the brand's pieces held close to our hearts is ultimately up to us. With each wearer, a new connection is formed; representing a mutual understanding of significance that is often hard to put into words. Here, we've come together to share these stories, in an intimate film and portraiture series that takes us back to where it all began.


Shimma Marie wears Cartier Trinity earrings. Billie Jean wears Cartier Trinity earrings.


Whether through family or friendship, Cartier reminds us of the importance of shared memory and the enduring power of connection. For models Shimma Marie and Billie Jean, friendship has been an ongoing force in their lives, underpinning their earliest memories.

"I learnt from a young age, that friendship is family. I believe that the time you spend investing in your friendships, is one of the greatest gifts you could give to another person," shares Jean. 

"The first memory of friendship I have is one that defined my childhood. My older brother, Nixon, was the first friend I ever made. I’m grateful to be able to look back at our childhood and the moments we spent roaming the Kimberley together looking for adventures, building treehouses, swimming in the Fitzroy river, fishing and hunting with our elders. But our most notable memory would be the time we spent together on the bus to school."


Shimma Marie wears Cartier Trinity bangle and Trinity earrings. Billie Jean wears Cartier Trinity ring and Trinity earrings.


For Marie, it's the simple gesture of friendship rings that she still holds close to this day that continue to signify the bond she keeps with her oldest friends. Similarly to the interwoven nature of Cartier's Trinity pieces, these keepsakes are laced and bound by unforgettable memories. "Growing up, I shared a few friendship rings that I still have to this day. It’s always been such a fun experience picking out a piece together."

Just like these mementos, to Marie, our friendships are chosen, "each with different upbringings and life experiences but somehow you share so many of the same thoughts, humour, and even insecurities and it’s immensely comforting to be able to share that with someone."

"The most beautiful part of a strong friendship is that you could live on the other side of the world from your best friends and not see each other for a while, but the second you reunite it feels as though no time has passed. Friendships like that are rare, so when you find it make sure to cherish it always."

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