Your Capricorn Full Moon horoscopes have landed and this lunation will be an emotional one

Capricorn full moon july

If, astrologically, we tend to think of the Moon as a maternal energy, then what kind of mum will the upcoming Capricorn Full Moon at 4.37am (AEST) on July 14 be? Unfortunately, the kind who looks at your outfit with faint and silent contempt from the kitchen.

See, you can’t spell “Capricorn” without c-a-r-p. Indeed, it is ruled by carping and critical Saturn. When the poor Moon passes through the Goat on July 13th/14th, it will reflect the qualities of the sign and its governing planet. Capricorn is cardinal earth, while Saturn’s influence can be biting, emotionally removed, and fault-finding. What’s more: Capricorn and Saturn are characterised by cold, heavy, and dry elements. You get the picture: this will not be a lovey-dovey lunation.

In astrological-speak, the Moon (changeable, watery, emotional) is in its “detriment” in rough Capricorn. Why? We are currently in Cancer, where, incidentally, the Moon loves to hang out. After all, it rules the Crab. Its maternal energy is strongest here. But here’s the catch: Full Moons always occur in the sign opposite (or 180 degrees) the current season, meaning that they will reverse, in some way, the dominant themes of that sign.

Such reversals needn’t be a bad thing stricto sensu. If we are feeling a bit drowned by Cancer season and all its emotional processing and care, this Capricorn Full Moon might function as a mini-break from the Crab’s teary-eyed hegemony. It’s a Moon to get out of the house (Cancer loves home) and into some business attire (Cap loves the office).

But the Moon, typically, does not like this placement in Capricorn at all. Saturn is too cold and detached for it. So, while a Full Moon signals a time for revelation, this one might be putting something like a harsh interrogation light on how we really feel about romance, work, dad, mom, etc.

Some key words to think about for this somewhat disapproving Mother-of-a-lunation would be these: serious, cold, heavy, earthy, practical, detached, disciplined, business-oriented, biting, dry, grumpy, critical In other words, it might be asking you, in subtle ways, to rethink your outfit a bit before you meet up with friends for the evening.

In what follows, check out where the Capricorn Full Moon will be highlighting your chart around July 14th and plan accordingly.


You don’t much like the emotional Sun-in-Cancer. This colder Full Moon in your Selfhood zone might, therefore, be a bit of a nice refreshment for you–kind of like a chilled white wine. Celebrate this lunation with a real one alone at a bar, where you can think in peace. This is a nice transit to be solo.


Like Saturn-ruled Capricorn, you are probably into this colder Full Moon more than other signs. It will be transiting your zone of the Unconscious and Hidden Enemies, where grim Saturn has its “joy.” Use the light of this penetrating Full Moon to see if you can figure out just who some of these hidden enemies really are.


This cold Capricorn Full Moon, which highlights your Friendship sector, might leave you feeling a bit standoffish toward a BFF. Maybe it’s better to skip the dinner date with them and reschedule when the New Moon goes full fiesta in Leo.


Not a bad lunation for you, Ram. The taking-care-of-business Capricorn Full Moon lights up your Career zone. Full Moons are times to complete projects, so you should have some Cap discipline to go along with your own caffeinated nature.


With the heavier Capricorn Full Moon transiting your Spirituality zone, it might be an evening for Vespers. Organised religion not your cup of tea? Understood. Just keep in mind that there is an ascetic quality to this lunation–so make sure spiritual practice engages with some kind of self-renunciation.


This disciplined Capricorn Full Moon in your Shared Finances zone marks a perfect transit to talk in an emotionally detached way about budgetary concerns with your helpmate or to plan your monthly expenses.


You’ve been basking in the Cancer Sun all month, but prepare for a bit of wintry night chill with the Capricorn Full Moon lighting up your Relationship zone. Take cold comfort in that. This is a lunation best suited for talking objectively with a partner or not talking at all.


With the routine-loving Capricorn Full Moon transiting your Diet zone, partake of a supper you know well and trust because you could be extra fault-finding otherwise. Remember Capricorn is an earth sign with a heavy energy. A robust stew could be good for the heart.


The stodgy Capricorn Full Moon transits your Fun and Romance zone. But wait: this isn’t a celebratory lunation. It’s more a Moon of solo pleasures that come from organising silverware cabinets and dry cleaning. Your nature doesn’t mind this kind of fun (unlike Sagittarius, but then you’re not Sagittarius).


This grumpy Capricorn Full Moon transits your Home zone. You might be feeling a bit critical about your furniture this lunation. They say home is where the heart is, but your heart (Venus) is getting squared by this difficult Moon. In other words, home and heart are between a rock and a hard place.


With the sober-eyed Capricorn Full Moon illuminating your communication zone, mobilise this lunation to take a cold, hard look at where you are spending your time on social media. Here’s a tip: if it’s more than 10 minutes, that’s too many minutes.


Despite your freewheeling nature, practice the art of frugality, as the Capricorn Full Moon deposits some pennies into the piggy bank of your Money zone. No big spending. Save a bit on this lunation, so you can dole out some dollars come Leo season of royal taste.

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