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Inside Calvin Klein’s Sydney WorldPride party

Calvin Klein party

One of  Sydney's most iconic and nasty gay clubs, ARQ, was always going to be the perfect place for a Pride party. Calvin Klein made an astute choice when they settled on the venue for an inaugural party to ring in the month, which officially begins today, February 16.

Inside the famous revolving doors – or back alley, which was the chosen route to welcome guests last night – House of Silky's Mirasia DJ'd as the Sydney ballroom group got the party started, Xander Khoury acting as the host while Silky members cleared the floor for a voguing battle. The high octane energy was felt by everyone in the room, groups of Sydney creatives and members of the LGBTQI+ community coming together in excitement for what the month will bring.

Music was provided by DJ Half Queen, DJ Ayebatonye, and Oscar from Papi Juice, while guests like Manahou Mackay, Nathan McGuire (both the faces of Calvin Klein's Feel Pride campaign this year), Andreja Pejic, and more were dressed head to toe in the brands This is Love collection.

Sean Brady was on makeup, offering guests the chance to be made up in one of his signature eyes upstairs, and as the night progressed, more and more faces emerged into the crowd donning his graphic wings and eyeshadow shapes.

The music thumped, the bodies swayed, all of us just happy to be amongst community during a month that can take as much as it gives. We danced, we kissed, we reconnected. We took stock of the sprawling queer creative community in Sydney, reflected in the crowd, and considered ourselves lucky to be amongst it all.

Below, are some shots from inside the iconic walls of ARQ for Calvin Klein's Pride party.

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