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BLACKPINK are now history-making covergirls

blackpink rolling stone cover

If you're a loyal BLINK like us, you'll have witnessed BLACKPINK set records (and break them) more times than you can count. You'd think at this point however, we'd be used to it. Us? Never. And just when you thought there were no more records to break, Rosé, Jisoo, Jennie and Lisa have turned around and said "not so fast". Their most recent milestone? A cover where BLACKPINK feature on the front of Rolling Stone.

Being selected to grace the cover of Rolling Stone is a rite of passage for any musician with wind in their sails, but this isn't the record-breaking fact that has us crying into our morning porridge. No, it's that BLACKPINK are the first Asian female group to appear on the cover, which also makes them the third all-female group in history to land a cover story behind the Spice Girls and Destiny's Child.

In the accompanying story written by Haeryun Kang, it traces all four band members journey from obscurity to global fame, pointing to the sisterhood they forged as a large contributing factor to their success. The women reflected on the period of time spent under YG Entertainment's famously intense training program, where monthly testing was the norm. Lisa and Rosé recounted the most difficult moments; Lisa calling her mother in Thailand wanting to quit and Rosé sobbing in the bathrooms during a particularly trying time only to go back out and get on with the job.

For us BLACKPINK fans, it's a rare moment into the minds of all four women and a time to reflect on just how far they've come. See the Rolling Stone cover below.


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