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The RUSSH team reflect on their favourite issues in celebration of 100 with Perrier-Jouet

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In partnership with Perrier-Jouet


In celebration of our centennial issue, the RUSSH team has been reflecting on their favourite issues across the catalogue of magazines past. With Perrier-Jouet flowing and reminiscence high, the team has come together in a moment of rumination and pride honouring the past and looking to the future. A celebration of all things RUSSH.

It was the logical choice to sip on flutes of the Perrier-Jouet Blason Rosé with its colouring tying into the cover of our 100th issue; Julia Nobis standing against a pink backdrop, swathed in Chanel, pink metallic foil the choice of colour for our title. The drink of the moment and a bouquet of ripe red fruits, it is bodied, structured rosé with hints of violet and rose petal – all the good things we look for in a celebratory drink.

Here, members of our team reflect on their favourite issues throughout the years.

Teressia Carr


It may not be too far in the past, but I have to say my favourite issue is Lust, #99. As the designer of the magazine, it was an issue I finished feeling incredibly proud. Lust represents a time of cosmic creativity, growth and determination. It is sultry, sexy and refined. I believe that spirit shines through in all the content and work throughout its pages. Certainly, one I could flick through all day long. 

Alys Hale

Music Editor 

I have been lucky enough to be writing for RUSSH for many years now, traditionally features or music articles, but in our Paradising issue, Jess gave me the opportunity to share one of my short stories. It was written in the depths of a hot summer romance and radiates within the sunlit pages of that issue. To have something to personal to me released into the world, through the support of RUSSH and my dear friend, is something I shan’t soon forget. I also got to be another woman for a day and wear some fabulous Gucci... 

Sonia Blair

Content Producer 

Much like Teressia our Designer, Lust is my favourite issue of RUSSH thus far. As someone who had aspired to hold her work in print form – to see her name in a masthead – for literally her entire life, the issue is something I will treasure forever. I’ll probably bang on about it to my child, nieces and nephews one day, which they’ll dismiss as a not very interesting story. The features in the issue, the shoots plastering the pages, it is the best of what a magazine is and should be; a treasured artefact in my constantly growing pile.  

Maddie Kenzie

Market & Beauty Coordinator  

For me, it’s a two way toss up between issue #8 and #9. The first two copies of RUSSH I ever owned personally. I will never forget flipping through the pages of the summer style icons of Bo Derek & Chlöe Sevigny, while curled up on my sandy beach towel at the fresh-faced age of fifteen. I vividly recall emulating the glossy eye trend of the Market beauty pages, and as I sit now as the beauty coordinator I truly see the vision and the creative artistry that has stood the test of time here at the magazine. RUSSH always has and always will be its own distinctive voice in fashion and culture. An innovative juggernaut, forever used as an inspirational toolkit for those wild creatives among us.  

Lucienne Bambridge

Brand Manager 

For me, issue 86 Nothing but a Heartache holds a special kind of magic. The very iconic, Alexandra Agoston in a very chic black and white cover with a gently pink masthead. It’s the cover I had printed in A2 and carried across oceans when I moved to London. For me it marks a memorable moment in time. There are some issues that see straight through to your very soul and this was that for me.  

Jasmine Pirovic

Digital Writer 

Like most younger siblings, rifling through anything deemed off limits was a favourite pastime, and so I came to RUSSH through my fashion-obsessed older sisters. Spotted on their bookshelf, it was #48 — Homegrown — that held my eye. You know the one, with that Miranda Kerr cover. So nice I bought it twice. One copy to keep pristine and the other? Well, I had to replace the mag I stole, cut, collaged and tacked to my cream bedroom walls. 

Anita Turelli

Partnerships Director 

Choosing a favourite issue is like being asked to name a favourite child. Each and every edition holds a special place in my heart, capturing a moment in time and a keepsake of culture through the unique RUSSH lens. To pay homage to just one, Issue #90 marking 15 years of RUSSH is a coffee table staple. For me, the black and white cover, shoot and story of cover star, icon and sustainability pioneer Vivien Solari captures the edgy, elevated RUSSH style and inspiring creative tone that makes RUSSH so special. 

Charlotte Agnew 

Fashion Editor 

Thinking back to the RUSSH covers that left an imprint on me over different stages of my life shows me to an emotional timeline of how I remember feeling while developing in this career. 

September/October 2008 Karlie Kloss 

July/August 2012 Cara Delevingne  

September/October 2012 Miranda Kerr 

March 2014 Lily McMenamy 

These covers inspired and excited me so much. Stylistically, they continue to exist as a benchmark reference of who RUSSH is to me: independent, timeless, brave and holds assuredness in itself.  

Ella O’Keeffe 

Fashion & Brand Features Editor 

While #48s Homegrown issue continues to live on in my bedroom at my parents' house, it was always going to be #85, Paradising. Hot pages in every sense of the word, the issue was heaving with summer energy so rich you could bottle it. It was within the pages of this issue, even at #85, that reiterated that this was not just a fashion magazine but an amalgamation of ideas and musings both unique to the creator and somehow universally experienced.

To create your own moment of celebration, purchase a bottle of the Perrier-Jouet Blason Rosé today.


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