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We might finally know the name of BLACKPINK’s upcoming song release

BLACKPINK new song

The girls at BLACKPINK really know how to keep themselves busy. Outside of being the ultimate K-Pop supergroup; members Rosé, Jennie, Lisa and Jisoo are also building their own personal empires. From covetable partnerships with Dior, Saint Laurent, Celine and Chanel; to their solo musical and creative ventures, we wondered how long we would have to wait before BLACKPINK released a new song.

Thankfully, the answer seems to be not much longer. Somehow, as often happens in the chaos of the world wide web, a demo track sung allegedly by a YG Entertainment trainee has been leaked; and the rumoured titled is TOUCHDOWN. Naturally, social media and BLACKPINK fans the world over have gone into meltdown; with rumours circling that this could be the new song we have been waiting for.

Now, if you're wondering why or how one random leaked track could cause such speculation, let us break it down for you. For the uninitiated, YG Entertainment is the management group that looks after BLACKPINK; so, when something leaks or is confirmed by their camp, it's normally true.

To be fair, neither BLACKPINK or their management have confirmed whether this is the next track we can expect from them. But, LIL 27 CLUB, a producer known to have worked with other K-Pop artists like BTS, TXT and ENHYPEN; has jumped in to give us some context.

Taking to the ol faithful Q&A Instagram stories, LIL 27 CLUB shared some more details around the unreleased song; as well as posting what he called the "full version". Though before you rush to his page in a panic, we will let you know that we haven't heard the girls singing the song just yet. Here's what he had to say.

“‘TOUCHDOWN’ is a song for the girls, but what I uploaded was the first sketch version demo and this version was not sung by BLACKPINK."

We're taking this as evidence. In the meantime; we'll be holding out for the girl's five year anniversary film that will be coming to us next month.


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