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BLACKPINK’s Lisa makes a case for the everyday bag, with The Teen 16 by Celine

Celine The Teen 16

Where handbags are concerned, I'm certainly not the type of woman who is mesmerised by an 'everyday bag'. For a woman whose wardrobe consists of a primarily tonal colour palette; my accessories have always formed my main avenue of self-expression. With this in mind, it's not very often that a black bag catches my eye – let alone makes me re-consider my entire fashion philosophy. But when BLACPINK's Lisa tells me to do something, it's hard not to follow; and The Teen 16 by Celine is her latest instruction.

Since Hedi Slimane first embarked on his journey with Celine back in 2018; he instantly made the original Celine 16 an intrinsic part of the creative path he was looking to forge at the luxury fashion House. Since the debut of the original design, which was also Slimane's first creation within his new role; the timeless piece is now in its third iteration.

In 2020, Slimane emerged with what is called the Celine Soft 16 – which, as the name suggests is a more supple and less-rigid version of the classic design. Now for round three, The Teen 16 by Celine ushers in a new wave of fashionable adopters. The Teen's smaller size and casual fabric strap make the prospect of an everyday bag feel refreshed and renewed. The youthful touches seamlessly blend practicality with edge, which is paramount in my books.

It's no wonder then that Celine muse and K-pop star Lisa has made this piece part of her collection. Sleek, comfortable and chic, The Teen 16 is a continued celebration of the stylistic hallmarks that Celine is known for, but with a signature Slimane touch.

Currently available in two timeless shades, black and brown in smooth calfskin; it's almost impossible to imagine a world where this piece wouldn't find a home in your wardrobe. Yes, even for the eccentric accessory collectors like myself.


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