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Liberté! Liberté! Celine womens FW 21 storms the Château Vaux-le-Vicomte



Cue the soft strumming of a majestic harp and wind swept Parisian bourgeoisie at its best. Following on from last seasons majestically haunting show, Teen Knight Poem, Hedi Slimane took Celine from storming the Château Chambord now to the gardens of the Château Vaux-le-Vicomte to follow on into its womenswear FW 21 show.



The show played out a beautiful daydream and Slimane's typical French girl was subtly reimagined. Modern, exquisitely casual and romantic, each look was made to be deconstructed, each piece being able to fall apart to become something else all on its own.



Whether you're royalty, countryside or inner city living - the collection had it all, all Celine asks is for us to simply decide who we want to be. Riding boots, cashmere v-neck knits, heritage herringbone coats and tweeds, Slimane's women did not march, but somehow fiercely glided by.




In its essence, Hedi Slimane embarked on the grand and magnificent while also remaining melancholic, reflective and reminiscent of time passed. Liberté! Liberté! Indeed no more, as the times of Parisian social soirees, parties and late nights come to an end, the shows finale exalted the pain and sorrow of one's heart living in captivity.



Enter the show finale and come the leopard prints, the sequins, black gowns and the perfect dinner suit. Celine's womens FW 21 closes with the Maisons depiction of a daydream where one day Paris will be free. Hedi Slimane's Chateau fairytale closes unveiling a breathtaking scene of faraway fireworks and a show stopping moment in shimmering crinoline, Celine's modern folktale romance ending in the shedding of a painful tear, a tale of a heart break that pines in a desire to be free.


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