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Celine’s FW 2021 showcase ‘Teen Knight Poem’ was held in a literal castle

Celine Teen Knight Poem

Celine's mens show for FW 2021 arrived in the form of a medieval-themed film - Teen Knight Poem.

A presentation filled with stunning theatrics, in a way that only creative director Hedi Slimane can pull off, Teen Knight Poem is Celine at its most mysterious and exciting.



Knights on horses ride towards a glorious structure we know to be Chambord Castle, each carrying a flag bearing the monogram 'Celine'. The ivory castle is now the runway, troops assemble. Dozens of waif-ish models with shaggy hair and kohl rimmed ready themselves to walk across the castle turrets, past the battlements in the latest creations from Slimane's Celine.



It was regency meets armour. Metal-studded vests were shown along side classically cut tweed jackets. High-neck, frilled collars are paired with iron chokers and chains. Leather accents meet oversized denim with shearling detailing.



Celine has drawn its creative sword once again to ride into a decadent Arthurian future. The Teen Knight Poem collection shares Hedi Slimane's fascination with the unshackled of a new generation of fashion. We saw these same inspirations and ideals in his beloved and rather sport Celine womenswear SS 2021 show in Monaco last year.



This time Slimane has reimagine the same feelings of liberation into a gothic universe etched against a medieval scenescape. Celine and Slimane invited seven artists to participate in the show in the form of the 'Teen Knight Poem' editions. Each artist then interpreted the theme in their own way.



All together it was an exciting exploration of form and function, and absolutely quintessentially typical of Slimane's refreshed vision of Celine. The show also featured an original music. The soundtrack that called the show to order titled 'Time Slip' was performed by band The Loom. It's a special project formed for this show by George and Jack Barnett from These New Puritans.



If you missed the show live, Teen Knight Poem is available to watch below.