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Take the plunge with Commas ‘The Young Ones: Lupine’ to welcome its SS21 collection


Dive deep into a visual imagining. “Take life lightly, for lightness is not superficial, but gliding above things, not having weights on your heart." These are the sage words of Italo Calvino that inspired

Norwegian director Luca Werner's vision for The Young Ones: Lupine - a short film in collaboration with resort wear brand Commas' Spring summer 2021 collection.

Rooted in the merging of two distinct moments in time, where joyous memories of past and optimistic visions of the future collide, Commas SS21 nods to youth, memory, nostalgia, and the evolution of self and space. Realised in the clothing, offerings of relaxed tailoring, modern tunics, oversized fisherman shirts, boxy t shirts, and full length robes. The resort wear offering compliments the brands  swimwear, which is expanded in the form of briefs and contemporary swim shorts, all fabricated from recycled polyamide and finished with luxury Italian hardware.




The film follows a group of three young boys on a holiday on the Greek island of Rhodes. Unfiltered conversations are intercepted with delicate music while Werner takes a documentary-like approach to capture honest moments solidified in the quiet glare of the Mediterranean sun.

“When I first read these words by Italo Calvino, they immediately formed a lasting impact on me”, Werner explains in a press release. “I think there are certain moments in our youth where we feel completely light and careless, like we are in a flow. I don’t believe that these moments end when we grow up, I believe from time to time we get a glimpse of them. As an anecdote of life, I hope that ‘Lupine’ provides an insight into this moment of lightness that Calvino once wrote about.”




A glimpse is certainly offered. Skimming stones in the serenity of dawn, diving into the sea at dusk, delicate Commas swim trunks ballooning around their adolescent figures. It feels both a memory and an experience to witness. the holiday that we all pine for.

“Lupine’ recalls these memories of youthful innocence that were significant when designing and building this collection. The film evokes concepts of joyousness, connection and freedom in a visual narrative” creative director Richard Jarman says.

“I wanted to create something for the future, a representation of joyousness and freedom, and an overall feeling of calm” Jarman notes of the collection. “I hope this collection takes people to a relaxed state of consciousness, wherever they are in the world.”

Watch the film, and preview the collection below. Commas SS21 is available to shop now via the brands website.

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