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BLACKPINK’s Jennie and Rosé are in Los Angeles working on new music – and it looks like Dua Lipa might be involved

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Do the BLACKPINK girls ever rest? Just last month, we were treated to unbelievable news that the K-Pop megastars would be sharing their first-ever film in celebration of the group's five year anniversary. And now, just after we've barely recovered from the chance to see our girls take on the big screen, more exciting news has emerged out of Los Angeles and this time, BLACKPINK members Jennie and Rosé are at the centre with confirmation of new music trailing behind them.

Yes, Jennie and Rosé are working on brand new music and we can hardly believe it. By now, we've become fairly accustomed to seeing several of the members of this quartet branch out to puruse their solo musical careers. First, it was Rosé, then not long after Lisa...

Though, there's no need to fret, because these four powerhouses aren't going anywhere. The real question of course, is whether Jennie and Rosé of BLACKPINK took a trip to the City of Angels to work on new music together, or seperately.

If you're wondering how we could possibly know the meaning behind their trip; BLACKPINK's management, YG Entertainment clarified the rumours for us all in a recent statement. After the two musicians were photographed shopping for baby clothes – which, happened to be for Saint Laurent creative director Anthony Vaccarello – YG confirmed that the trip was for creative purposes only.

But, it didn't stop Jennie and Rosé from catching up with some of Los Angeles' most notable faces. The pair were spotted out at dinner; joined by the likes of Jaden Smith and DJ sister-duo SimiHaze. It's not clear yet whether Jennie and Rosé's dinner dates will be involved in any of the upcoming music they are working on. But we'd be lying if we weren't even slightly intrigued by a BLACKPINK and Jaden Smith crossover.

If this meet-up wasn't enough to spark rumours; Jennie and Rosé have now been linked to two other massive names in the music industry – Ariana Grande and Dua Lipa. Tommy Brown, who is the hit record producer behind some of Grande’s biggest hits; including her latest album positions, posted a mirror selfie with Jennie on Instagram. Which, is reason enough for the internet to believe that a Grande x Jennie collaboration is in the works.


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Over at camp Dua Lipa, the Future Nostalgia artist also posted a photo of herself with Jennie, (although hidden within a ceremonial photo dump). Whether the two were just hanging out or working on new music is still unclear, but stay tuned for more details on the new music to come.


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Stay tuned for more details on the new music to come.

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