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Billie Eilish proves she’s the coolest neighbour, starring in GucciFest with two robotic dogs

Billie Eilish GucciFest

We'll admit, this is no ordinary headline. But Billie Eilish is no ordinary artist. If we needed further confirmation of her creative liberties, her appearance in GucciFest – a seven-part miniseries, titled OUVERTURE of Something that Never Ended has given us just that. In true Billie fashion, the Gucci muse embodies the fashion houses' undeniable covetable energy – all within a two and a half minute cameo.

Unveiling the brand's upcoming collection, GucciFest has served as an innovative digital fashion and film festival, featuring artist and actress Silvia Calderoni, Harry Styles and now, Billie Eilish. The series is said to have been shot in Rome, and depicts the Calderoni's daily routine living in the city, where she encounters some of Gucci's most favoured talent.

Featuring in the fifth episode, titled The Neighbours, the episode opens from a voyeur's point of view, overlooking the busy apartment block that Sylvia lives in. The camera takes us into the various homes of her neighbours, through the windows of their building, watching on as they engage in various eccentric activities. One of the characters observed, played by painter Ariana Papademetropoulos – one of the faces of Gucci Beauty – is seen obsessively cleaning her false lashes in a dish of soapy water. While a trio of artists adorned in Gucci tracksuit sets, red monogram shirts and bejewelled trousers begin to play above her.

Watch the fifth episode of GucciFest below.

Before long, we're introduced to another character, turning on the television on her balcony before she hops into a nearby bathtub in a pair of Gucci denim jeans, a green rugby-style t-shirt and oversized frames. Unsurprisingly, it is Billie who pops on the screen, with an exclusively produced video for her upcoming hit-single, Therefore I Am. Sporting a 90s inspired look complete with a flat-cap and monogramed Gucci nails, the video features Billie parading around a quintessential Los Angeles home alongside two Boston Robotics dog-like companions.



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Did we expect anything less? The answer is no. Billie is the ultimate neighbour and there's nothing that can convince us otherwise.

GucciFest has now officially concluded, with all seven episodes available to re-watch online on YouTube Fashion, Weibo, Gucci YouTube and through the designated GucciFest website.

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