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The emotional support water bottles we’re clutching at all times

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For some people its a childhood blanket, for others its their pet, but for an eternally-parched, terminally-dry creature like myself, the most comforting presence in any room will always be my water bottle. Never out of my sight, I lug it around like the emotional support water bottle it's become, sticking by my side through good and bad. Thick and thin. All of that.

When it comes to water bottle etiquette, I rotate through a couple, because as they say, variety is the spice of life, and when one is going through the dishwasher, (this is also a PSA to wash your water bottle you animals!!!) I'll never be left in the lurch. I also like that one has a sucky lid for chewing because I am a baby, while the other has a gaping mouth perfect for drowning myself in. Although I am not entirely fussed on whether my own water store stays cold, TikTok and the rest of the RUSSH office informs me that this is a dealbreaker. With this in mind, below we bring you the best brands for water bottle shopping. From the stylish vessels via Frank Green to the robust bottles from Yeti.


1. Frank Green


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As far as emotional support water bottles go, Frank Green is the hugging companion you need. It's also the one you want if your preferred mode of drinking is sipping. Just recently they released a 2L size too, so you can fill it up in the morning, sip and by the time you're finished you'll have completed the daily recommended intake of water. How about that? Designed in Australia, and featuring a triple wall vacuum, it'll keep its contents ice cold for days. You'll find more than just water bottles from the brand too, with a range of thoughtful, sustainable homewares and coffee travel cups.


2. Camelbak


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Another leader in the sippy-variety, CamelBak first began as a solution to staying hydrated over long distances without having to refill. Since then, its grown to become a household name among adventure-seekers, outdoorsy types and those who want to get through a yoga class without having to unscrew a lid. There's insulated options and squeezy bottles too, and the plastic options are BPA, BPF and BPS-free, as well as dishwasher safe. Which is always a plus.




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If the TikTok algorithm has sent anything your way about emotional support water bottles, chances are you've also heard about the all-powerful YETI Chug Cap bottle. While not intended for hot or fizzy drinks, it's a hard-wearing option for those who find themselves in need of something more robust. You can chuck it in the dishwasher, and its DuraCoat casing will protect it from scratches or cracking. From here, it's a YETI spiral. You'll be buying the Tundra esky next...


4. Nalgene


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Made in the USA, affordable and arriving with a lifetime warranty, if its minimal, sustainable design you seek, you've found it with Nalgene. It's the favourite of hikers for a reason, with different mouths that are compatible with most water filters, and millilitres marked on the outside. It's also made from durable plastic that's ethically sourced too. It's no wonder why most brands have incorporated Nalgene into its merch, like this hand-painted bottle from A24. We're big fans.


5. Klean Kanteen


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It's easy to wax lyrical about any brand that's B Corp Certified and family owned. But considering the category is reusable water bottles, it's an achievement that makes perfect sense. Klean Kanteen puts out three different sizes, unless you count the kids section, of water bottles, a hefty 1L, 592ml and a 355ml. Go forth and pick one.


6. Hydro Flask


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We love a lifetime warranty on most things, but especially a water bottle. Hydro Flask guarantees its bottles will stand the test of time, won't give way to condensation and will stay cold for up to 24 hours. Which is always a good thing in an Australian summer.


7. BKR


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BKR is the pick of RUSSH Brand Manager Lucienne Bambridge. The brand sits at the intersection of health, beauty and wellness, offering lip balms as well as drink bottles. It's glass bottle arrives with a protective silicone sleeve of your choosing. You can opt for velvety smooth cases or spike-textured ones, and each style comes in a vast array of colours from soft pastels to striking jewel tones. One for the chic.


8. S'well


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All is well with S'well. This offshoot of water bottles was made specifically with temperature in mind, the goal being to keep cold things icy and hot things searing for as long as possible. If this is the kicker when it comes to finding a forever reusable water bottle, look no further.

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