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In the name of hydration, frank green launches its new Chrome Collection

frank green chrome collection

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Beauty comes from within, and we all know the old adage of starting our day with a glass of water to feel refreshed and unlock the secret to an enviable glow. While on-the-go, hydration can become an afterthought throughout a busy day or have some of us reaching for a disposable plastic bottle of water. Enter Australian brand frank green and its latest reusable range, the Chrome Collection.

If the Neon Collection familiarised us with the frank green brand, the Chrome Collection is the latest issue cementing its place as a leader in aspirational design. Combatting single-use waste in one of the simplest means possible – a reusable bottle and cup – the brand understands changing attitudes towards everyday acts of sustainability that can have a significant impact.

frank green’s Creative Director, Paul Troon says the release is a culmination of the best of the brand: beautiful design and forward-thinking products.

“frank green has always had beautifully designed and innovative products at its core and now we are overlaying a distinctive style-led lens, building out elevated collections, campaigns and content that mirror the approach of a contemporary fashion brand,” explained Troon. “We tested this direction to incredible success with the launch of our Neon Collection last year, which put frank green on the radar of the zeitgeist and catapulted the brand into our current hyper- growth. Now the Chrome Collection will cement our status as leaders in aspirational design, which is all part of our strategy to use style as a vehicle to inspire customers to live more sustainably."

With more than 370 million plastic water bottles ending up in waste every year and Australia only recycling 35 per cent of PET plastic drink bottles, the choice to invest in reusable bottles and cups is an obvious one. Pairing seamlessly with the recently launched Neon lids in pink, green, orange and yellow, the frank green Chrome Collection is designed to be played with and styled to suit the tastes of the individual. With an online customisation tool allowing shoppers to choose from more than 20 lid colours, pieces of the range are tailorable completely to the vision of the shoppers themselves.


frank green chrome collection


As we see it, now is the ideal time to invest in a reusable bottle – if you hadn’t already – and to consider it much like your tried and tested ankle boots, serving you graciously every winter and a staple in rotation. Rather than dashing to the corner store for a disposable bottle at midday, simply refilling your reliable, reusable version will become an everyday act of caring for the planet. After all, there is no planet B.

You can shop the new range from frank green's website.

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