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8 TikTok accounts to follow that focus on the environment and sustainability

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We know we're living through a climate emergency. With disastrous flooding, bushfires, rare weather phenomenons and more, that much is obvious. At this stage, we also know what must be done to change our fate. Certainly, the onus rests on our governments, corporations and the biggest consumers of resources to ward off warming, and we must continue to put pressure on these institutions to do so. But at the risk of harping on about proverbial lemonade, if we look for the poetry in this volatile time, it lay in the actions of individuals and their readiness to mobilise and implement changes for the sake of themselves, others and the communities they exist in. Their action is contagious. On TikTok, they're the reason we're composting in our teeny apartments, turning away from fast fashion and rethinking who we invest our super with. It's these everyday efforts that bring us hope – and we sure as hell could do with more of that.

So if you're looking to inject your TikTok feed with more useful content about the environment, below we've created a list of content creators to follow. From First Nations educators on bush medicine to experts on slow fashion, these are the voices we're tuning into when it comes to all thing eco and green.


@environmental_education #thingsinolongerbuy #sustainabletips #ecofriendlyliving #sustainableswaps #reducewaste #zerowastetips music box(833007) - NARU" href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">♬ Lofi nostalgic old music box(833007) - NARU

Kaylah Du Cane is a staple in your diet of sustainable content on TikTok. From Victoria, this content creator offers a steady stream of green tips and tricks to integrate into your own lifestyle; from plastic-free food storage ideas to the benefits of testing reusable pads. Du Cane is honest, practical and is not puritanical in her approach, believing in the power of #imperfectenvironmentalism.



@maggie_zhou Ily the project for holding this segment on #shein!! #sheincares #sheinhaul #sustainablefashion ♬ original sound - Maggie Zhou

Fast fashion has no greater hater than writer and podcaster Maggie Zhou. We're on her side. With overconsumption at the core of the climate crisis, the fashion industry has a lot to answer for. Of course, it can be easier said than done to avoid fast fashion completely, especially if you're not sample size, live in remote areas or are strapped for cash. On TikTok Zhou offers practical advice, statistics and updates on fast fashion, and her joyful style is just a bonus.



@mostlyecomorgan Which #sustainableswaps do you regret? #sustainableliving #ecofriendlyproducts #productreviews ♬ BORN FOR THIS - Foxxi

Morgan Cook is an unpretentious creator in the realm of sustainability. She's straight up about what works and what doesn't, and is always coming up with inventive ways to cut down on waste. Personally, I enjoyed her take on sustainable self-care, including a DIY reusable sheet mask, and her TikTok of the sustainable things she does that aren't pretty.



@yawin14 it's almost like wine. #bushtucker #fyp #aboriginal #foryoupage #bushlife #bushwine #wine ♬ original sound - ElijahDouglas97

Elijah Douglas is a Ganggalidda, Garrwa, Waanyi and Gudanji man from Doomadgee in Queensland. We could watch him tend to country on loop. Follow Douglas on TikTok for videos of him hunting mud crab, cooking wallaby, collecting berries and different types of bush medicine.



@eco_tok Learn tips to borrow before you buy with @Alyssa Barber #borrow #ecotok #sustainability ♬ original sound - EcoTok

If you're less interested in following one creator, this account is great as it basically crowdsources content from myriad environment-influencers. Videos are intersectional, respond to the news cycle, they're educational and span a vast range of subjects, from how to grow mushrooms to recipes for vegan ice cream.



@alexisnikoleFLOWER SNACKZ♬ original sound - Alexis Nikole

No thoughts, just pure joy. You may know Alexis Nikole as @blackforager on Instagram and she is a foraging obsessive. We love to see it. Just like on Instagram, on TikTok the creator shares with us her recent foraging finds, from enoki mushrooms to wild asparagus. Part and parcel of this is demonstrating how to forage safely too, sharing what to look out for, what to avoid and always with the heartening caveat of "don't die!"



@ecofran Reply to @bun.ina ♬ Aesthetic - Tollan Kim

Curious about glass? Want to know about sand? These are two subjects creator Eco Fran knows a lot about. She works at a company that processes glass, that would have otherwise been sent to landfill, into sand that is then used for coastal restoration projects. Enjoy!



@emmajanegeisler are you compost hoe too? 🧐🧐🧐 #sustainabilitytiktok #climatechangetiktok #compostok ♬ original sound - Eco Content Creator 🍃 | EJ

Another girlie offering sustainable advice. There's lots of information on composting, plenty on sustainable habits and Geisler is clued into the news cycle, with her own take on events like the United Nations' Climate Report. She's also located in Brooklyn, so if you're a fan of New York City her lifestyle also offers up a delicious preview into that world.

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