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Kate Moss is entering her Goop era, launching her own wellness brand

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Four years ago Kate Moss made the decision to go sober. In the years since, she's drawn a line in the sand, distancing herself from the party girl reputation she amassed during the 90s. Although, she hasn't packed away the cigarettes just yet or the Diet Coke – which is between her and the good lord. In any case, it seems the model is on her own wellness journey, which she hopes to share with us via her new brand Cosmoss.

As is the fashion these days, Kate Moss announced her new venture over Instagram with a throwback video of her walking into a lake for a skinnydip. Her voice-over seductively says "follow me to Cosmoss", while the guitar intro to Nick Drake's "Pink Moon" plays on. You know what? We think we will, actually.


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So what can we expect from Cosmoss? According to Instagram, "Cosmoss draws on the extraordinary life experience of Kate Moss—ready to share her journey of self- acceptance and freely be herself".

If we go off what the English tabloids are saying – they predicted the launch earlier in August – the lineup of products from Cosmoss will include a "detoxifying tea, CBD face oil, and a sacred mist", per the Daily Mail.

"Each COSMOSS product has been meticulously crafted with well-being in mind, using potent, natural substances," one Instagram caption continues. "Each ritual opens a door to balance, restoration and love. The Cosmoss scent re-centres and completes."


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With the brand's own Instagram account set up and ready to go, having posted six tiles already, you won't have to wait long to explore Cosmoss. The brand is set to launch on September 1, at cosmossbykatemoss.com.

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