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Our favourite antiques stores in Sydney for furniture that will outlive you

best antique stores sydney

The biggest drawcard of antiques lay in their very definition. To be considered an antique, these homewares need to have weathered a century on earth. Which, to be quite honest is no easy feat as I'm 25 and already falling to bits. To put that into perspective, that means the antique item you're crushing on would've been made in 1922 or earlier.

But while this is all well and good to know, it's useless information if you don't know where to look. You won't find antique pieces at any old furniture shop. And unless you're planning on dedicating hours trawling the internet for that perfect vase, it's best and oftentimes easiest to head to those who specialise in the subject. So for the times when you're looking to welcome a little history in your home, these are the antique stores in Sydney we flock to first.


Mitchell Road Antique & Design Centre

Ignore the name, this hall of antiques left its Mitchell Road site years ago. Instead, you'll find it just off Bourke Road in Alexandria. Look for the stepford wife mural out the front. This place is the bread and butter for anyone renovating or looking to change the decor in their home. Sifting through its stalls also makes for a pleasant mid-week break. It's a giant warehouse with numerous different vendors; some focused on vintage clothes while others are concerned with vintage Playboys or 50s formica dining tables. Either way, if you put in the time you're bound to find an antique that catches your eye.




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If you're heading over to Mitchell Road Antiques & Design Centre, you might as well squeeze in another stop down the road at this inner west hotspot. Lunatiques isn't as densely packed as its neighbour, which suits us as this warehouse is a lot larger. Stock is constantly being snatched up and replenished, so if you're lusting over something I wouldn't sit on it for too long. The collective hosts furniture, clothes and collectibles across a variety of design styles; from industrial, retro, mid century and art deco. Meaning, there's more to wade through than just antiques.


Potts Point Galleries

Out on Macleay Street, Potts Point Galleries appears deceptively small. You would never guess that the boutique is home to more than 20 unique Antique and decorative art dealers. But it's true. Step in for a trove of antique delights. There's bar trolleys, Czechoslovakian crystal, Murano glassware, antique Marcasite jewellery, sterling silver tchotchkes, designer vintage garments and the ever present allure of the unknown waiting to be discovered.


Victory Theatre Antique Centre


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If you find yourself travelling to or through the Blue Mountains, make a pit stop at this iconic antiques destination. Nestled in Blackheath, you can't miss it thanks to the giant Jenny Kee mural on its exterior walls. More than 50 dealers occupy this old picture palace; their wares an unexpected assemblage of bakelite jewellery, fine china, porcelain dolls and a litany of other items you're just going to see for yourself.


McLeod's Antiques


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McLeod's Antiques has had many homes since its opening in 1948; Adelaide and Port-of-Spain in Trinidad to name a couple. But now it resides on South Dowling Street in Paddington, with its deep green signage and china-lined windows. To this day, the business is family owned and operated. If it's smaller antiques you're searching for, McLeod's Antiques specialise in vases, porcelain tableware, all with a history they'll be able to inform you of.


Blake Watson Antiques

You might be shopping for antiques, you might just be looking for a place to get your antiques restored. Either way, Blake Watson Antiques in St Peters should be on your radar. Located among the design-focused May Street, this boutique offers an assortment of mahogany bed frames, intricate chandeliers and whatever catches owner Blake Watson fancy.


Classic Antiques Sydney

Classic Antiques is a veritable treasure trove of the years gone past. Just off the bustle of Parramatta road, it boasts one of Sydney's largest collections of Georgian and French antique furniture. Their stock frequently features for hire in feature films and television shows aplenty, so be sure to register that double take of recognition on your next visit.


The Vault


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The Vault is exactly what it sounds: an eclectic, secluded collection of French and mid-modern century goods and decorative items. Established in 2016 by partners in work and life, Jeremy Bowker and architect Phoebe Nicol have curated a pre-loved outpost of art and decor deliverable from Roseberry straight to your door step.




Now is probably a good time to brush up on the difference between vintage and antique furniture. Otherwise, when it comes to the home, we're invested in creating an oasis. Whether that means the best in bath towels, floor-length mirrors, dinner candles, even incense.



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