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A welcome illusion: 10 places we turn to for the perfect floor length mirror

Create space, or at least the illusion of it, with a floor length mirror. With the ability to add depth to any wall and transform even the most titchy of rooms into something palatial, it's high time you considered adopting this interiors essential. The good news is there are very few rules to contemplate if you want to pull off floor mirrors. Unless of course you consider yourself a touch on the superstitious side, in which case avoid styling two mirrors face on (apparently it opens a portal?). So that's something.

Some of you may already be on the hunt for a floor length mirror, in which case take this guide. We've compiled a list of our favourite stores to snag a floor length mirror. Find it below.

Bower Studios


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Individually handcrafted in New York City, Bower Studios dances between minimalism and eccentricity to conjure up mirrors that add texture to any space. From the Dali-esque melt mirror, the tongue-in-cheek slump style or its ever popular archway offering, flock here for a piece that is truly unique.


Living Edge


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If you convulsed at the cost of shipping a Bower Studios mirror to Australia, Living Edge is your local solution. The interior design destination stocks a delightfully curated range of global designers, with other mirror options available from Gufram and BD Barcelona Design. You're welcome.


Gustaf Westman


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If you were one of the throng of people frothing at the mouths for an Ultrafragola mirror, only to realise how devastatingly rare they are, then let us introduce you to Gustaf Westman. Not only does the Swedish designer offer a handmade squiggly alternative in a range of pastel hues, but he's also recently come out with a new design called the chunky mirror. An equally fun spin on the OG.




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If only architectural and sleek design will put you at ease, then shift your eyes to Space Furniture's collection of floor mirrors. Yes, they offer the usual wealth of Italians like Kartell and Glas Italia but if you're in the mood for a free-standing silhouette, don't go past SPO1 or Porro's minimalist take.


MCM House


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For all who prescribe to the belief that you shouldn't have to sell a kidney to afford a good quality, stylish mirror, then find your way to MCM House. With a selection that begins at $480 and goes up from there, it's no IKEA, but it certainly ticks all the boxes with its clean lines and geometric accents.


Cult Design


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There are those of us who immediately think of parquet flooring and juliet balconies upon the mention of a floor length mirror. It's clear your mind is never too far from the City of Love, or at least the Instagram accounts that sing its praise through Gallic interiors. If this is the case then we're certain you'll find something to cherish at Cult Design.


Bi-Rite Studio


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Out of its Bushwick showroom, Bi-Rite vends a blend of vintage interiors pieces from Ettore Sottsass to more contemporary pieces from Kartell. But in this years since the stores opening it has also built a name for its own designs and homewares. Bi-Rite's handmade capsule mirror points to its soft spot for Memphis. Arriving in a handful of pastel tones, you're sure to be a convert too.

West Elm


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Inspired by Italians mid-century sleek curves in architecture, the amoeba mirrors is West Elms speciality at creating asymmetrical curved wooden framed mirrors. Despite their vintage inspiration, this unconventional amoeba shaped mirrors breaks the fit of rectangular floor length mirrors, adding light and movement to a conventional squared space.


Elysium Home


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The calco mirror adds a dash of metal to the popular frameless style mirror. Just the right amount to create opulence and lavishness, choosing between silver or gold beans to adorn. It's dramatic and timeless, a theme Elysium Home are fond of implementing in their mirrors, knowing how to leave a space to feel luxurious.


If you're looking for an alternative mirror, the Artspire has some of the most riveting pieces that are whimsical and artistic.  One of their most known is the Wavy floor length mirror that is striking with appearance being soft and contemporary, adding quirk and dimension to any interior space.


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