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Where to buy the ‘wavy’ Ultrafragola mirror dominating the interiors space

Thanks to the fast-paced nature of social media, we have seen many interior trends come and go. Some, have remained in the zeitgeist for more than a season; while others have outstayed their welcome before you even have a chance to hunt said trend (or an excellent replica) down. But the ones that truly make their mark are the decor pieces that have outlived decades, only to conjure the same intrigue they did years ago with a new generation. One of these is the Ultrafragola mirror, known in short as the 'wavy mirror', and arguably the most sought-after collectable items on the internet. Although you might be seeing it everywhere on your feed, hunting down where to buy a Ultrafragola mirror is not so simple.

We won't lie to you, getting your hands on an original Ultrafragola mirror will take close to a miracle. For the unacquainted, it might be difficult to understand the allure behind a mirror that feels like it has been designed exclusively for the Instagram era. But the truth is, society's love affair with this piece began decades ago in the 1970s. Created by Italian architect Ettore Sottsass for the furniture and interiors company Poltronova, Sottsass designed the piece as an homage to femininity. The unusual name, Ultrafragola, actually translates from Italian to "ultimate strawberry" which makes perfect sense when you experience its soft pink illuminating glow.


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With the ability to transform any and all spaces, it's easy to see why this statement mirror is at the top of every interior design-lovers list. Whether you're prepared to splurge and seek out an original, or are content with a close replica or a piece that delivers the same 'vibe', here, we're sharing all the details on where to buy a Ultrafragola mirror.



If you're willing to commit to the Ultrafragola mirror for life, then we recommend heading to world-leading design marketplace 1stDibs. The famous ecommerce site is known for capturing the magic of the Paris flea markets online; bringing together many of the best sellers and makers in vintage, antique and contemporary furniture and home decor. Naturally then, it's expected that this is the place to find an original Ultrafragola mirror. The website goes to great lengths to verify the listings from their trusted network of sellers, so you can rest assured that it will be the real deal.


Where to shop alternatives to the Ultrafragola mirror


Gustaf Westman

If you don't have the time nor funds needed to track down an Ultrafragola mirror, Gustaf Westman is responsible for a style that deserves a spot in the wavy mirror canon in its own right. It's Curvy Mirror went viral on Instagram right about when the Ultrafragola did, blessing the spaces of influencers, design fiends and anyone with a love for pastel-forward homes. Made to order in Sweden, this is certainly one of the more pricey options on the list but is the most customisable with its nine colour options and micro, mini and full-length sizes.


En Gold

Sure, we would all love to come home to a pink body of light each night, but if we're honest with ourselves, that lifestyle is a touch out of reach. For a selection of mirrors that transform your space in the same way but are easier to get your hands on, look no further than En Gold. A labour of love created by American-born, now Australian-based couple Steffanie and Matt Ball; the brand specialises in slow interiors and creating pieces that are a touch out of the ordinary. Which is why it's a great place to find 'wavy mirror'-esque designs for your home. They have a smaller option that you can easily hang on your wall, or a floor-length design for more of a statement. The brand's take on the Ultrafragola mirror features a transparent border; so it's a great option if you're wanting to keep your space neutral.


Ferm Living

If there's anyone who knows good interiors, it's the Danes; which certainly explains why Danish company Ferm Living is such a success. The brand offers four different styles in its Pond Range, which is a more understated take on the grand Ultrafragola mirror. Rather than the multiple 'waves' that surround the original, Ferm Living's offerings are cased in a thin metal frame. Although it might not have the same vibrant feel, this option is perfect for those who love the idea of a mirror shape that is more fluid, but want a piece that will still feel chic in the years to come.


Gaudion Interiors

Melbourne-based company Gaudion Interiors has always been known for housing the best in European interiors on Australian shores. So, if a style like the Ultrafragola mirror is trending overseas; you can rest assured that they will have their own offering. In this case, the Artemis Mirror is a much sleeker, sophisticated iteration of Ultrafragola's original design. Gaudion Interiors also has the mirror to shop in four different sizes, so you'll be able to perfectly match the mirror to your space.


west elm

By now, we're all familiar with online homewares site west elm. Although its take on the 'wavy mirror' is similar in shape to the one at Gaudion Interiors; west elm has put a mid-century furniture spin on the Asymmetrical Wall Mirror. Instead of a glass or LED light border, this piece features an acacia wood frame, which can help to add warmth to your space.



Never underestimate the furniture opportunities on Etsy. The online marketplace is a goldmine for unique, one-of-a-kind pieces, and has proven to be one of our most unexpected picks for where to buy a Ultrafragola mirror. There are some that are really similar to the original, and others that are more customised interpretations.

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