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For the pampered pooch of the family, here’s where to buy modern pet accessories and furniture

where to buy modern pet furniture and accessories

Pets are part of the family, a beloved member of our brood who are always excited to see us when we return home from a hard day at the office – dogs perhaps a bit more overt than cats, who are oft too cool to acknowledge the return of owners. Just like us, they like their accessories to showcase their personality, colourful and vibrant for the chattier of the bunch and paired-back and minimal for the introverted pet. Where to buy modern pet accessories and furniture has become a conundrum for many, with the accessories chosen for man's best friend ideally complementary to already existing interior design choices. Here, we break down where to buy modern pet accessories and furniture for your much loved – and much pampered – pet.


Where to buy modern pet accessories and furniture

While we love and adore Gucci for its loafers and fine leather goods, the House has recently expanded into pet accessories with a range of sublime items for the modern pet. Between bedding, play mats, collars and food bowls, Gucci has your best friend covered when it comes to their go-to accessories. 


Where to buy modern pet accessories and furniture

A Rock Stud collar for your cat? Or perhaps a vibrant pink leash will only do for your furry friend? Valentino have you covered, with its curated selection of pet collars, leashes and waste bag holders. Each piece will seamlessly pair with any Valentino accessory you may already own, if dressing in complementary pieces with your pooch is not off the cards. 


Where to buy modern pet accessories and furniture

Omlette specialise in  memory foam mattresses for your pets, moulding around their body to provide unparalleled support for the deepest, dreamiest sleep. With its cushioned, bolster shape, it supports the head, just like a pillow, and offers comfort and relaxation, a piece of modern pet furniture that seamlessly pairs with any interiors theme. 


Where to buy modern pet accessories and furniture

For the Dior fan among us, a Dior Dog Collar will only suffice for man’s best friend. Coming in the Dior staple Oblique jacquard, the collar is a modern pet accessory with a hint of opulence embedded throughout its make. 

R.M. Williams

Where to buy modern pet accessories and furniture

Celebrating its 90th birthday in 2022, R.M. Williams’ ability to craft durable, versatile leather pieces is unmatched. Now, this can extend to your pets with a range of R.M. Williams pet accessories to ensure your Adelaide Boots match your furry friend’s new collar. 

The Barney Bed

Boucle furniture is still dominating interior design trends, whether it be in neutral hues or colourful iterations. If this is your chosen aesthetic, look no further than a Barney Bed for your pet, crafted with Boucle covers and spun in a neutral cream yarn sourced from Denmark. A cloud-like appearance and textured feel for your beloved pets. 


Prada’s nylon range has captured the hearts of many, the reedition Nylon bags a favourite and now highly sought after cult item. Now, the range extends to pets with Prada reimagining the staple material in a curated range of stylish pet accessories including raincoats, carry bags and collars. 


For the pampered pooch who takes up residence in your Peekaboo or tries to fit into your Baguette comes the Fendi pet range, clad in Fendi monogram galore. From leashes to collars, the House’s modern pet accessories are a must for any pooch with an affinity for luxury. 


Where to buy modern pet accessories and furnitureProudly producing the finest pet products for more than 30 years, Snooza is a Melbourne-based brand specialising in comfortable furniture and accessories for the modern pet. Whether a bed, a blanket or a cardigan, the brand has you covered on all fronts. 


Your dog deserves the Donatella treatment, and Versace is here to help. For pets with a more-is-more approach to their bedding and coats, the Versace pet accessories range is a one-stop shop, glad in gold, white and black colouring. 

Temple and Webster

Where modern furniture for humans and modern furniture for pets collide. Temple and Webster’s curated range of pet accessories extends beyond the indoors to kennels, alongside stocking toys they will grow to love and cherish… before tearing them apart, one day at a time. 

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