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The 90s style icons who continue to influence us today

best 90s stye icons

While a Y2K style revival is firmly underfoot, the 90s is still permeating almost every corner of fashion since our re-obsession with it in the mid 2010s. Lasting quietly throughout trend cycles as others have come and gone, its the 90s forever from here on out. At RUSSH, we've been consistently rounding up some of our favourite 90s style icons for some time now, sifting through archival images of Jennifer Lopez, Julia Roberts, Winona Ryder, Naomi Campbell and more to highlight some of their most iconic 90s looks.

From classic worn-in Levi's 501's, to oversized blazers, to tiny, chainmail dresses, the 90s remains as one of the sexiest moments in fashion – culturally and visually. And while we try our best to get the feelings back of seeing things like lingerie on the runway for the first time, nothing beats that first moment, a moment which, what made most of the 90s feel so groundbreaking. Whether it was about low slung cargo pants or bedazzled halter tops, youth, sex, and the energy of a pre-pandemic world is what we're all striving to unearth once again. These moments were captured on some of the 90s most stylish people, so below, are the 90s style icons we still look to today.


Winona Ryder

Winona Ryder was the goth girl before the Megan's and the Kourtney's of the world. She walked, clad in rosary beads and mens black blazers, so that we could all run. Queen of on-screen indie moments, Ryder was the poster girl for washed out Levi's and leather bombers in a way that feels impossible to replicate today.


Jennifer Lopez


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Jennifer Lopez's 90s style is one that has transcended history books, and left us with looks that we could only dream of emulating. Whether it's a sports bra and Adidas track pants or a chainmail minidress, she set the blueprint for cool girls in cargo pants everywhere and for that, we thank her.


Kate Moss


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The only person more iconic than modern-day-Moss, is the young, '90s model that solidified her as such, and had us all attempting to wear a see-through dress with a black bikini brief underneath at some point. Effortless, fresh, slightly disheveled. Amongst the Instagram makeup and Fashion Nova outfits of the modern day, Moss' understated 90s style is a beacon to behold.


Naomi Campbell


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Outside of shows, Kate was wearing Johnny's jackets and Cindy was in high rise denim, meanwhile Naomi was clad in rhinestones and sequins, always the brightest star at every party. She is the first on our NYE mood board for a reason, year after year. No one did evening wear like Naomi.


Halle Berry


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While she remains radiant, the 90s was where it all started. The cowl neck tops, the bedazzled two pieces, the scoop back gowns, metallic leather pants. She was an icon of 90s hip hop and on-screen moments, but the red carpet was where she really turned it all on.


Elizabeth Hurley


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A queen of red carpet style, Hurley's most iconic looks were those of the red carpet, where her floor-sweeping gowns are immortalised next to then-boyfriend Hugh Grant. There was the Versace gown, the lilac numbers, the sequin numbers, and of course, the blue jeans in the airport.


Julia Roberts


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It was the Julia Roberts' shock of red ringlets, the double denim, the oversized mens suits at awards ceremonies. The cardigans, that Chanel beret, and unforgettably, the red carpet under arm hair.


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