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From Mallorca with love: Behind the scenes of the first BELANCĒ ready-to-wear campaign with Oscar Leal and Yan Yan Chan


When I began planning our debut ready-to-wear collection shoot, Mallorca was a strong location option. The island's magnetic energy, plus the fact that a few of my best friends moved permanently to the island, made it an ideal location. It was a done deal when I shared my plan with Yan Yan Chan, she instantly offered to collaborate as Mallorca holds a special place in her heart too.

After a long day of location scouting we decided to dress up and dine at Ca’s Patró March. Yan had visited the restaurant many times before and made friends with the staff and owner, so it was easy to get a last minute table. The seafood and Aperol spritzes were exceptional, this place is truly special, we watched the sunset and stayed until they kicked us out!

After a few calls with photographer Holly Gibson and Yan Yan, we chose to stay in a farmhouse near Campanet, right in the heart of Mallorca. This allowed us to escape the tourist crowds and offered quicker access to La Sierra Tramuntana, the flat, more remote, looking areas and best beaches of Mallorca. It was the perfect location to capture the light of both sunrise and sunset.


When we arrived at our base, we did a fitting with our model Mehdi Douache, shaved him and worked out our shooting schedule. Yan Yan took care of us everyday with her homemade matcha, which was super cute.

Shooting overseas involves a lot more preparation, thankfully Yan and Holly knew the Island and I had been hanging around Mallorca for two weeks, so we had a clear idea of the looks and the areas we would primarily be shooting at. But we also factored in time to explore – every time we all felt there was a special spot we stopped the car and started shooting. Holly brought some of her vintage cameras capturing the essence of the collection and Mallorca perfectly, while Yan Yan and I filmed lots of BTS with her old camcorder and our phones.

After a few long days of shooting and before we all headed to our next destinations, we were invited by some of my friends for a day on their new yacht. We spent our day exploring the stunning south west coast. It felt great to let go and enjoy the glorious Mallorca weather and the pristine waters. The next day, Yan Yan departed for Italy, and two days later, I set off for Madrid.

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