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RUSSH Loves: Beauty favourites from May 2022

It's that time of the month again, otherwise known as, the best time of the month for myself as the beauty coordinator here at RUSSH. While admittedly, it's been a bit of a prolonged damp summer, there is no doubt that winter chill is just around the corner. With La Niña and other environmental factors playing havoc, we're just about already ready to do a beauty overhaul. Thankfully, we have a new springboard of beauty favourites to make this jump into winter a little less daunting. With the sudden weather shifts, we can expect to hydrate more and often. More time in recycled air means more attention should be paid here. This month we're zooming in all the products you could want or need to aid your winter skin; from hydrating face oils, to the perfect body lotion. Here are the RUSSH beauty favourites of May 2022.


Sisley Radiant Glow Express Mask  

An instant hit for the the pending winter months. Revitalising and nourishing, this hydrating mask is formulated with deep cleansing red clay, giving your skin an extra something. Not only does it deeply clean and soothe, you'll notice a change in two weeks. A must have essential!


Some By Mi AHA & BHA 30 day Miracle Serum

When I tell you that as a beauty editor this is my new favourite serum and one you must try, I urge you to listen. The AHA, BHA and PHA hybrid is a life changer. The skin feels deeply hydrated and even after one use you will notice the appearance of uneven skin tone reduced. Wonderfully affordable and a great travel companion for any longer haul flights. Put this on your new beauty list immediately.


Emma Lewisham Exfoliant

Recommended by one of our very own digital writers, the Illuminating Exfoliant is one for the top shelf. Known to be considerate for all skin types, if you're a little on the hesitant side when it comes to exfoliating this is a great one to invest in. Not to mention, Emma's eco conscious ethos utilising refillable pouches ranks high in our book. Use a few times a week for a completely renewed skin routine.


Rationale The Mask

With so many masks out there it can be hard to nail down one which one is really worth investing in. Rest assured, Rationale have made one to cover all bases and then some. This nurturing formulation fortifies the skins barrier function while offering intense hydration. For those of us who are more sensitised this is an A+ when it comes to extra hydration. Your skin will thank you for this come June, trust us!


Clarins SOS Primer

There are some staples in the make up drawer that you must always invest in, a primer is one of them. Rain, hail or shine we should always be putting one on before any makeup touches the skin. The Clarins SOS primer will give your skin that much needed boost and protection. Made in a variety of different tints, this primer both revitalises the skin and sets any pending makeup. Not only that but it helps aid in anti redness. A win!

Susanne Kaufmann Eye Rescue Serum

A consistent favourite on our beauty roster, not to mention the new rebranding feels extra luxurious on our counter top. We know that with winter fast approaching, our under eye area begins to cry out for extra hydration, add that in with extra time indoors you can start to see some dryness under the eyes. This serum has come to our rescue, and all it takes is a pea size amount. Aiding in smoothing, hydrating and brightening, this deep penetrating eye serum instantly revitalises. Those dark winter mornings will be made instantly better from this baby.


Maria Nila True Head & Heal Hair Masque

When it comes to a hair mask in winter, there is nothing better than this one. One layer of this over dry, parched ends and upon washing out you'll see a different head of hair altogether, not to mention, it's a recommendation from our favourite 70s Farrah Fawcet dream girl, Matila Djerf. Hey, if it's good enough for Djerf, it's good enough for us.


Fenty Cookies & Clean Whipped Clay Detox Face Mask

Our queen Rihanna has done it again, the latest crafty invention from her roster of luxury skincare. This latest skin saviour from Fenty is a welcome remedy for our bumpy, sebum clogged skin. Skincare like you've always wanted, this exfoliating mask will immediately rebuild the complexion. Made with a combination of charcoal and white clay, the BHA's and Salicylic Acid will help target the problem areas of the skin.


Larry King Good Life Shampoo

A revelation from celebrity hair stylist Larry King, we knew the hair range would be something to look forward to but we could never imagined. how much we would love it. Made to strengthen and revive the hair shaft through green tea and biotin, this shampoo restores hair condition and overall scalp health, it keeps it clean, healthy and undeniably bouncy. A pick tick from us over these next cooler months.


Fresh Soy Limited Edition Face Cleanser

If you've been a fan of Fresh beauty for a while, then you'd be hard pressed to forget this mainstay. A cult favourite for a reason the deep cleaning face cleanser gently rinses away makeup without any abrasive grittiness. A subtle and pleasant scent, gently buffing onto the skin will remove even the most stubborn makeup without stripping or causing dryness. You'll wake up with a flawless pore free complexion.


Hermès Plein Air Radiant Matte Powder

We know we covered the skin tint last month, but this was too good to leave off the list. Not only is this powder silky and light, it will completely transform the skin into a translucent, even canvas. We would say keep in your bag for any mid morning touch ups but quite frankly you most likely won't need it. Long lasting and mattifying, the powder does double duty while also leaving you with an effortless glow all around.


Weleeda Skin Food Body Butter

Winter is all about paying extra attention to our dry skin concerns. While those of us with drier, more sensitive skin do not have the luxury of using fragranced, luxurious body butters, this allows us the opportunity to join in on the fun. Truly a life changing product slathering this on the body you will forget what time of the year it really is. An absolute out of shower must!



Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask

If there were ever a time to pay extra attention to skin hydration, now is the perfect time. Coming into winter our skin has been through it, with the effects of the changing seasons our skin looks for the opportunity to drink in that extra good stuff. A tried and true favourite, Origins really provides with with this highly nourishing formula, Made with Avocado and Swiss Glacier water, it's the best mask to put on at the end of a long day in endless recycled air conditioning. Sometimes, it really is the old favourites that we come back to again and again.



R+Co Scalp Scrub

There isn't enough talk about scalp masks in our opinion, a necessary first step of the hair routine, every shower should house one. A simple procedure we should all be doing once a week, the R + Co Scalp Scrub works like an exfoliant would for skin. Delivering exactly what it promises, the hair feels clarified and free of any build up. Used best at the start of each week when your hair requires that instant rest and reset.


LESSE Refining Cleanser

We can't give enough praise to LESSE, in fact we really must go on about their range of thoughtful and sustainable skin care. A favourite of our fellow fashion editor here at RUSSH, the past few years the brand has continued to go from strength to strength. Made with flame tree, jojoba and argan to deeply nourish skin, the refining cleanser is deeply penetrating, hydrating, eradicating redness and targeting problem skin. So simple.


Roemy Forest Perfume

I can't lie, when it comes to my fragrance shelf, it's a losing battle for all the rest out there since this seductress came along. So much so that this now also sits on my desk top at work. Made with a crisp night sky in mind, the woody bottom notes elevate this fragrance, leaving you with a heady woody scent. It's unisex and it seems to temper really nicely to any skin. It's a favourite, and definitely worth investing in a bottle.



Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Lift Night Cream

Another sequel from last month's beauty favourites. Like the day cream, this rich cream is multi-active encouraging cellular turnover and plumping the skin in the process. Formulated with Ceramides, Tetrapeptides and Edelweiss Extract for visibly lifted, firmer and more defined elasticity in the skin in just over a week. It is thick consistency that helps lock in the hydration to help restore overnight. The perfect companion to the day cream.



Grown Alchemist Age Spot Corrector

We have nothing but good things to say about our good friends at Grown Alchemist, constantly looking at ways to improve the planet, being Australian owned is just another reason we are such fans. With a unique blend of Rumex Leaf extract, fruit extract and native Kakadu Plum this spot corrector is ideal when it comes to healing the skin and removing pigmentation. Their skincare follows a new evolution of scientific formulas, that helps look after the skin while simultaneously helping our fragile eco-system.



Victoria Beckham Smoky Eye Brick

A moment for Victoria Beckham and her absolutely standout beauty range, please. Solidifying itself as a cult beauty product, this is truly of the most versatile eye palettes out there; sustainably made, this deeply enriching formula blends into the lids seamlessly, highly pigmented with major  stay put powerr. For those of us who love a brown smokey eye for our Friday cocktail hour you will find nothing more seamless or sexy.


YSL Touché Eclat

Amid the 30th anniversary celebrations, we have been marvelling over one of our all time favourite products. Not only a concealer but an illuminating pen all in one. It will never not be an absolute must in our beauty bag. We will always have this handy anytime of the day.


Charlotte Tilbury Quick and Easy Kits

Just as the name suggests, the new Charlotte Tilbury range is everything we could want for our early morning commute. When time is of the essence and we still want to feel suitably luxurious and glam. There is honestly nothing this woman can't do, keeping in our bag permanently.

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Ruby Orchid 

Like a little spritz of Spring on a cold winter's day. The latest iteration of Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb imbues sensual floral notes of ruby flower orchid, juicy peach, and red foxy vanilla bean to create a magnetic fragrance perfect for that little extra confidence boost. So sexy!


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