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Costa Brazil launches its first ever perfume and it sounds suitably sexy

costa brazil perfume

In a world of emerging sustainable beauty, it's important to know when to look out for the truly landmark products. If you're well versed in the beauty community it would be impossible to not be aware of Costa Brazil. Now, thankfully the brand known to all beauty aficionados for its blend of luxury face oils has just graced us with a brand new perfume. And to be frank, we've been looking to find an excuse to find a new signature scent.



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What do we know about the new Costa Brazil perfume?

Known as “AROMA,” the Ea Du Parfum claims an amorous scent that hones in on a calming bespoke perfumery experience. Created with the Amazon at dawn in mind "AROMA" is reminiscent of  the jungles of Brazil with a combining of white jungle flora, patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver and amber accords. Displaying a smoky scent, the fragrance is designed to resemble an image of fresh earth with flowers and crushed leaves.

In line with the brands unfailing commitments to eco consciousness, "AROMA" will be made available in a refillable wood bottle. The perfume will also contain a vegan and cruelty-free formula using sustainably sourced ingredients. This seems to follow close suit with the other top sellers from the brand, including the Kaya Anti Ageing face oil that also boasts a similar Brazilian rainforest scent and formulation.

Where can you purchase Costa Brazil's AROMA perfume?

From what we know so far, "AROMA" will be available exclusively from the Costa Brazil online store. You will be able to refill once you have used the contents. Given this is their first venture into fragrances we would not be surprised if another drop will be soon to follow. We will be sure to update with any new announcements from the brand.

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