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9 face oils to help revive your tired and dry skin

Face oils were somewhat of a trend of the last decade, but have emerged as a mainstay in most beauty cupboards.

Applying oil onto your face initially sounds counter intuitive considering many of us (including myself) are  concerned by the oiliness and shininess of our complexions. But applying good quality, nourishing oils can actually stop your skin from overproducing its own supply. By giving your face what it needs, it doesn't have to make so much of it's own sebum - which is the natural oil protects your skin but is often responsible for clogging up your pores and making you shiny.

Plus, face oils can assist in preserving the moisture levels of your skin and helping the rest of your skin work more effectively. Since oil and water don't mix, when you apply a face oil, it acts like a seal, keeping all the hydration in your skin and allowing anything else you applied first to stay on - instead of evaporating out.

When your skin is calling out for a little more love, face oils can be a saving grace. They offer nourishment, protection and a whole host of other nutrients and active ingredients. I'm someone that finishes my night routine with a face oil - and in the colder months, I finish my morning routine with one too. Of course you can use them on their own too, if you prefer to be more minimal. The best thing about them is they can slot into your existing regime, or you can use them instead of your moisturiser.

If you're looking for the right one, here are the best ones we as a RUSSH team have tried.


Biossance Squalane Oil

This is my go-to and can slot into any routine. It's very versatile, and can be used as a face, body and hair oil. Squalene is a naturally-occurring lipid in our skin and our natural supply decreases as we age. Squalane oils such as this help to replenish this essential lipid supply, helping to deliver baby soft skin. Plus, it's all natural.


Jojoba Ultimate Youth Potion

A fabulous oil specifically designed to mimic the lipid (oils and fats) profile of healthy 22-year-oil skin. It's all about nourishing and restoring your skin to a healthy state - so perfect for winter. It's got five types of lipid including squalene from olives, jojoba oil and macadamia oil. It does leave a bit of an oily film, but it's worth it because you'll wake up with unrivalled, dewy and bright skin.


Ere Perez Blue Cypress Face Nectar

This oil really does feel like much more of thick juice, probably why its been called a "nectar". It's far less oily that some of the other oils on this list, so perfect is that consistency seems to bother you. Utilising the power of Australian blue cypress, camellia, jasmine flower, jojoba, cedar wood and rice, it offers antioxidant, brightening and protective benefits. I took this on a frosty trip into the countryside in minus three degree temperatures and its the only reason my face survived.


Clarins Calm-Essentiel Restoring Treatment Oil

This product is part of Clarins' sensitive skin range and is designed for skin that normally can't tolerate certain kinds of skincare. This treatment is designed to nourish and add protection to compromised skin. The key ingredient is a clary sage extract and makes a great option if you're worried about face oils breaking you out.


Murad Multi-Vitamin Infusion Oil

Marketed as "a multivitamin for your skin" this one is an oil infused with vitamins A to F to pack a little extra punch into your skincare routine. It's got a combination of coconut extract, jojoba oil, cannabis sativa seed oil and rosa canina seed oil to treat your skin. It's super lightweight too and sinks straight in without leaving a film.


Kora Organics Noni Glow Oil

Made with organic noni extract, rosehip oil, pomegranate oil and sea buckthorn oil, this one is a crowd favourite. This blend offers a rich source of fatty acids and the rosehip offers repair and renewal properties. It's a great one for those looking to treat fine lines, scarring or spots while repairing their dry, winter skin.


Supple Skin Co - Dew Drops 

This one contains a rich blend of hemp, carrot seed, lavender, roman chamomile, frankincense, jojoba and ylang ylang oils and nothing more. It's designed to deeply nourish dry skin and the brand claims it's suitable for conditions like eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis & redness and rashes.


Press Beauty Mr Rose. Balancing Face Oil

A correcting oil that has been design with oily and acne-prone skin in mind, but still suitable for all skin types. It blends together watermelon seed, jojoba, rosehip, rose and hemp seed oils with vitamin E for a nourishing solution to protect your skin in the dry weather.


RAWKANVAS Regenerating Facial Oil

A lightweight facial oil which assists to regenerate, soften and revitalise skin for a glowing complexion with no clogged pored. It has oils such as camellia oil (a compound Cleopatra was known to use), jojoba oil and rosehip oil.

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