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20 infamous beauty looks from the Cannes Film Festival that we will never forget

Cannes Film Beauty

Ah the Festival de Cannes, otherwise known as the Met Gala of French cinema. While it seems our ticket often gets lost in the mail [weird] we can't help but marvel at the array of stylish moments that have graced us for over the years. Of course, it's not always just about the film and the fashion, no madam, the beauty plays just as much an intricate part in the fanfare if not more so. So, given the festival is looming on the horizon we would take a look back at some of our favourite moments in Cannes beauty history. From Sofia Loren's classic Dior red lip, to Jane Birkin's effortless breezy, salt swept bangs. These are the timeless beauty moments that have truly stuck in our memory bank through all the years.

Grace Kelly, Cannes, 1955


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One of the most memorable moments of the festival beauty time capsule,  Grace was every bit the vision in white silk and a swept up ballerina bun. The staples of her pre Monaco ingenue era.



Brigitte Bardot, Cannes, 1957


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Before Brigitte had her bombshell blonde bouffant she personified simple and paired back elegance. An effortless take on French glamour with her pixie fringe. Making a statement of the pixie fringe before even Audrey Hepburn herself.


Sofia Loren, Cannes, 1958


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Would it be a Cannes beauty recap without the one and only Sofia Loren? We think not. Known for her signature red lip and embellished headwear. She will never not be an icon of ceremonial proportions.


France Anglade, Cannes, 1960


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The thick eyebrow skimming bangs, the spidery lashes. France Anglade sums up why we will always have love for the 60s.


Jane Birkin, Cannes, 1968


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Our favourite dream girl, seen here with her signature wispy eyelash skimming bangs and bare skin. We will never tire of Jane's boho approach to beauty.


Bianca Jagger, Cannes, 1975

The soft cascading waves tucked into a chic beret, these were the hallmark beauty trademarks of Bianca's look in the late 70's.


Béatrice Dalle, Cannes, 1989

If the 80s was known for anything it was excess, no one understood the assignment better than Bèatrice with her iconic smoked out lids and vibrant red lip.


Brooke Shields, Cannes, 1989


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Brooke and her instantly recognisable brows, we simply must stan.


Madonna, Cannes 1991


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Brining in the 90s with Jean Paul Gaultier in tow. Madonna made a drastic change from bottle blonde to dark chocolate and we are still thinking about it.


Liv Tyler, Cannes, 1997


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It feels as if the 90s was truly a banner decade for understated elegance at Cannes. Liv's rosy red lip and soft brushed out waves is a sight to behold.


Kate Moss, Cannes, 2001


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Considering she had so many iconic moments at Cannes in the 90s we figured we must go straight for the offbeat jugular and drool over Kate's millennial style. The cropped haircut, the pencil thin brows, It's 00s glamour like we live to remember her.

Chanel Iman, Cannes, 2015

Seen here in a sleek bun and a simple winged liner, year after year we are blown away at Chanel's Cannes beauty regime.

Sienna Miller, Cannes, 2015


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Another permanent icon of the late 00s red carpet, Cannes would never have been the same without Sienna's slant on beauty. Her glowing complexion and tousled waves is something for the vault.


Kristen Stewart, Cannes, 2016


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There are too many moments worth remember when it comes to Kristen Stewart's Cannes beauty. But the Chanel spokeswoman simply slayed in 2016, the red lip and the peroxide cropped blonde is truly enviable and a cut we are still sending to our hairdresser.

Penelope Cruz, Cannes, 2018

The soft blow out paired with the kohl rimmed eyes, a Penelope staple and something we come to love every time we see it debut on the famed film fest's red carpet.

Winnie Harlow, Cannes, 2019


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Winnie's blow dry and nod to super model 90s glam should be commemorated in a museum.


Bella Hadid, Cannes, 2019


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While Bella's 2021 Schiaparelli look is one for the books, her glam in 2019 is something worth remembering. The soft up do and fresh faced complexion is giving Grace Kelly 1955 levels of Cannes sophistication.


Margot Robbie, Cannes, 2019


One of our very own, Margot Robbie never fails to deliver. Seen here emulating Sharon Tate's infamous worn in, bohemian plaits. Her 60s style Chanel beauty caps off a decade of memorable Cannes beauty.

Jodie Turner Smith, Cannes, 2021

The high pony and the berry accents, Jodie Turner Smith is always a beacon of innate glamour any red carpet she shows up to.

Gemma Chan, Cannes, 2021

The deep red lip, the embellished eye details, it's very hard for Gemma to ever put a foot wrong and Cannes is no exception.


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