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Please, take a moment to envision Barack Obama dancing to Rihanna’s ‘Desperado’

barack obama's summer playlist

It's that time of year again! Barack Obama has blessed us for another year by sharing his annual summer playlist with the world, and man, is it going to be a hot dad summer.

In true dad fashion, the playlist is comprised of a real mixed bag of bops. "It's a mix of old and new, household names and emerging artists, and a whole lot in between." Obama notes via Twitter. You got that right, dad! Rihanna's Desperado features not too far down the list (and why would it? It is a classic), alongside SZA’s Good Days and Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak’s collaboration Silk Sonic and their track, Leave the Door Open. Drake is there too, with Migos, Masked Wolf and Lil Baby.

Of course, it wouldn't be an Obama annual summer playlist without the true classics, the Rolling Stones, George Harrison, Chicago, and Bob Dylan are all there too for some good, clean, rock n roll fun.

Obama seems to be wholeheartedly embracing hot girl summer, and even though Australia is currently in sad girl winter and hot girl suffering, we're joining him with the vibes, tears and all! "With so many folks getting together with family and friends, there’s a lot to celebrate this summer. Here’s a playlist of songs I’ve been listening to lately" He wrote on Twitter when he released the list.

Thankfully, someone has made a Spotify playlist so that you don't have to. Save it, set it to repeat, and summer is seemingly sorted. Have a listen to the Obama approved tunes, below.


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