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Banoffee meets Empress Of in her new film for ‘Tennis Fan’

Banoffee (aka singer-songwriter Martha Brown) is quick to assert that she doesn’t ‘play games’ in her new single, Tennis Fan, featuring Empress Of. Ironically, she does find ways to play with textures of pop for a track that ushers in a new era and an upcoming debut album, Look At Us Now Dad. Watch her below serving experimental pop-couture and exceptional cool for her newest chapter. But please, take your seats quickly, ladies and gentlemen.

Banoffee here is a concept, above all. After navigating treacherous lows, and leaving Melbourne for Los Angeles, she locates clarity. With a Quinn Wilson direction, the video finds her shining in the high-art glamour of a new surrounding, whilst still holding onto her own low-key and playful state of grace. In feathered brow and Victorian ruffle, Banoffee preaches on how to be deeply vulnerable and kick-ass at the same time. With baby pink shimmer and still dancers, she finds her place in futuristic spaces, later moving court-side to meet Empress Of, in the meantime teasing those that have played her. Fifteen-love.

Whilst she looks inward to feelings of struggle that some might find confronting, Banoffee’s tongue-in-cheek lyricism is the point of her resurrection. In her upcoming album release, the complexities of her humanity are met with the chaotic productions of her collaborators, namely SOPHIE and umru, who cement her place in the avant-garde queer underground. The result, however, is satisfying, and a moment of closure for Banoffee that we can bask in. Striking a balance between self-assurance and vulnerability isn’t easy, but it’s something that she manages. Thirty-love.

Banoffee’s debut album Look At Us Now Dad, will arrive on February 21, with Tennis Fan available to stream now.