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Room for three? Catch Louis Garrel’s ‘A Faithful Man’ at Golden Age Cinema

A Faithful Man, directed by two icons of French film - Jean-Claude Carrière and Louis Garrel (who also takes on the lead role of Abel) – is an off-kilter romance that dives into the uncomfortable and unusual moments surrounding a tightly tangled ménage à trois.

The trailer opens with Abel’s girlfriend, Marianne, informing the slightly vacant looking Abel that she is pregnant – but, it’s not his (which he handles with near-comic composure). Fast forward nearly a decade later, the hapless Abel has never found someone to replace his ex - that is until she becomes a widow under suspicious circumstances. From that point on, Abel is thrust into a love triangle with his Marianne, and Ève, played by the delightfully undismayed Lily-Rose Depp, who has been obsessed with him since the tender age of 14.

A Faithful Man, is a whirlwind of manipulation, mystery and delectably dry comedic moments, as Abel deals with the very real troubles of two women willing to come to heads for his affection. It takes a healthy amount of self-love to direct yourself in a film that revolves around two women in a psychological war over your affection – but in this case, it seems to have paid off.

Catch a screening on A Faithful Man at Golden Age Cinema in November - bring a date (or two?).