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Trick Mirror: inside our first RUSSH reader Book Club

“A woman is unruly if anyone has incorrectly decided that she’s too much of something, and if she, in turn, has chosen to believe that she’s just fine.” (Jia Tolentino, Trick Mirror).

Once again we descended on Jardan Furniture's Oxford Street design sanctuary for our first RUSSH reader Book Club. We sipped Lowe Wines' organic whites and rosé, feasted on cheese and crudités courtesy of Dan the Man Cooking (whose ongoing journey to reach zero waste includes up-cycled fabric napkins and no plastic wrappers), and discussed Jia Tolentino's debut publication, Trick Mirror, with friends and readers of RUSSH Magazine. Guests each received a custom Sephora skincare edit, which included Allies of Skin's overnight mask and Dr Roebuck's weightless cleanser.

Tickets for our next Book Club will be available online soon.