Your August horoscopes have landed: Here’s what’s in store for the month ahead

august horoscopes 2022

We start August in showy Leo season, with a hot mess of transits, namely the aftermath of Jupiter retrograde (July 29th) and an exorbitant triple conjunction of Mars (aggression), Uranus (upheaval), and North Node (fire-starter) in Taurus (August 1st). This latter transit, which will last for most of the month, but which will really impact us at the beginning of it, should add some uncertainty to our lives, depending on where it hits our charts (we will discuss for each sign below). So, prepare for some uncertainty and unexpected change triggered by the triple conjunction.

Meanwhile, Jupiter is going retrograde, as mentioned, in Aries (pressure cooker transit, hard on ourselves). Saturn is ensconced in Aquarius and opposing the fiery Leo Sun – expect some tensions between Royal Ego (“I want this”) and Parliament/Saturn (‘You cannot have it, your majesty, for it exceeds our budgetary allotment”). Venus moves from Cancer (love and care) into Leo (flash and cash) on the 12th, as Mercury flits from the Big Cat (dramatic communication) to Virgo (practical solutions) on the 4th. A Full Moon in Aquarius on the 12th suggests some cold comfort , while a New Moon in Virgo on the 27th marks a great day to perform some acts of service for a loved one, friend, or family member. On the 21st, the Sun enters the grounded world of the Maiden, the Zodiac’s version of a Youtube channel based around sensible life-hacks. Instead of Leo’s showy dominion, Virgo’s reign will be of a practical nature: how to fix, how to mend, how to serve.



A month of putting fires out, rather than starting them. Things get heated right away on the 1st with a massive square from upsetter Uranus, the ominous North Node, and aggro Mars in Taurus. “Squares” (90 degree aspects between two or more planets) betoken strife and discord. This triple conjunction occurs in your Career zone, which could bring upheavals (Uranus) to your public persona. With Mars in the picture, perhaps some challenge to your royal authority at work awaits, as well. A very testy day, at any rate, so beware. This square will likewise continue throughout the month, in a less intense form. Sorry about that, Cat. August 12th also looks complicated. While lovely Venus enters Leo on this Full Moon transit, the Moon itself conjuncts buzzkill Saturn-in-Aquarius. Venus and Saturn (love and restriction) with a Full Moon (culminations) could have you feeling ambivalent about romance–or wanting something more serious. Saturn also opposes your ruling planet, the Sun, on the 15th. Both of these planets are in rulership in their respective signs, meaning extra cosmic static between them. Saturn can be petty and mischievous. Be on the lookout for someone or something trying to steal your sunshine this day. The positives: Venus enters your Selfhood zone on the 12th for the rest of August, bringing beauty and charm to appearance and self-image. When the Sun shifts into ultra-precise Virgo on the 21st, your Money zone gets activated: heightened attention to finances could very well result. In the end, you love drama, Cat. Star-wise, you’ve got a lot of it this month.


While Leo placements are getting blasted this month, you are escaping most of the drama–but not all of it. Your ruling planet, wheeler-dealer Mercury, flits through your shady 12th House of Secrets and Bad Spirit until the 5th. (not so good). What’s more, this transit will occur in theatrical Leo. The first few days of August could definitely be a moment where drama with friends or frenemies ensues. Thankfully, this transit is brief. The triple conjunction on the 1st looks somewhat testy, as well. Uranus (unpredictability), Mars (strife), and the North Node (gas-on-the-fire) all join in Taurus, impacting your Travel zone, especially early in the month. Other than this, smoother sailing. Indeed, on the 5th, Mercury pops into your Selfhood zone, where it hangs out in its rulership until August 26th. This is a great placement in a double sense. Mercury loves being home in your sign, but it also has its” joy” in the Selfhood sector. In fact, Mercury-in-Virgo is the only transit where a planet receives double dignity–-it is exalted and in rulership. So, in a way, while Leo is wishing it were strutting all tall during its season, you’re going to be the princess, prince, queen, or king. Beware of your Leo friends–they are going to be catty about this. In the end, communicative Mercury transiting your 1st House means you have the mic, now use it. Speak on your desires, goals, and wishes because people around you are wanting to listen. On the 21st, the Sun joins your ruler in your Selfhood zone to start your season, which augurs more vitality–but don’t be too self-critical and turn all that sunshine into an interrogation light.


Your ruling planet, Venus, remains in sweet-hearted Cancer until the 12th, where it energises your 10th House of Fame. A very nice aspect for public perception, for recognition, and for others seeing the care you put into your trade. This transit also betokens a time to bond with your work colleagues more: beer after work, lunches during it. Venus then joins the Sun-in-Leo on the 12th, supercharging your 11th House of Friendship. In other words,Venus looks to be in full social butterfly mode amid colleagues and friends this month. With Venus-in-Leo aspecting your Friendship sector, be social (Venus) but also be regal (Leo). Royals command respect–but they also are expert at listening to their subjects and advisors. Take on some of Leo’s energy, therefore: this is the perfect time to lend an ear to those in your royal court. They may have some wisdom to help with the domain of your own life. Heed the triple conjunction of Mars, Uranus, North Node in Taurus on August 1st. This disruptive transit in your Intimacy zone could perturb your tendency toward balance. It’s more of a transit that yanks the tablecloth out from under the primly set dinner table in a fit of passion followed by lovemaking. Not bad.


On August 1st, there is an exact triple conjunction of disruptive energy in Taurus involving your ruling planet Mars, Uranus, and the North Node. It will be exacerbating your Relationship zone, setting a discordant tone for the day which will reverberate like eerie church bells for the rest of August. To be sure, Uranus precipitates sudden or unexpected changes, while Mars, in detriment, will express dangerous unreliability (fuel-on-the-fire North Node only stokes these tensions). All of this activity will oppose your natal Sun-in-Scorpio, suggesting you could feel drawn toward unexpected people romantically (1st House/7th House axis) or have your romantic expectations pleasantly or unpleasantly surprised. If you are in a relationship, prepare for some disruption, too: peace is not of the nature of this placement. While relationship dynamics look somewhat unstable, your career transit appears strong to very strong. The showy Leo Sun lights up your House of Fame and Public Recognition until the 21st. Here we have an excellent spot for the Leo Sun to rise and set, portending, as it does, rewards, promotions, and honors. The Sun then moves into Virgo on the 21st, where it will impact your Friendship zone. After the choppy relationship transit to start the month, you might welcome some heart-to-hearts with your nearest and dearest at the end of it.


Your ruling planet, benefic Jupiter, has been soaring through fiery Aries since May, betokening big action, more self-motivation, and confidence. But this exuberant push onward and upward by two of the biggest motivational speakers in the Zodiac is contracting. Alas, on the 29th of July, Jupiter goes retrograde in the Ram which will impact your Fun and Romance zone. Cue deflating trumpet sound. Cut to a shot of an empty birthday party, with one sad helium balloon sagging near the ceiling. You get the picture. The retrograde could have you feeling a bit lacklustre toward love or creative pursuits, for the first few weeks of August. After all that Jupiter/Aries fire, you might be feeling burned out a bit. A good day to recharge looks to be the 12th, when lovely Venus joins the Leo Sun and jetsetter Mercury in your Travel zone. Get away and revitalise yourself. We would be remiss not to bring up a big triple conjunction on the 1st, as well. Uranus (unpredictability), Mars (strife), and the North Node (gas-on-the-fire) all join in Taurus. This placement will activate your zone of Health, Diet, and Routine. This area of the chart also deals with co-workers (particularly subordinates). Watch out for a mutiny on the bounty (or scurvy). All of this topsy-turvydom to start the month should get stabilised when the Sun shifts into dutiful Virgo and your Career zone on the 21st. You will welcome the Maiden’s orderly influence.


Let’s start with the good: Venus transits your Relationship zone until the 12th of August. This means Planet Perfumes (love and beauty) faces off against your Sun, an opposition which can highlight what we don’t have but also propel us to try and fill that gap. This placement portends a lovely time to either find a helpmate–or to take a relationship to the next level. Don’t be Goatish, Goat (throw caution to the wind). Next up, the month’s major transit, a triple conjunction of Mars (war), Uranus (upheaval), and North Node (fuel-on-fire) in Taurus on the 1st of August. This earthquake of a placement occurs on the faultline of your Romance and Creativity zone. Expect the ground to open up to reveal new sources of creative, atomic energy or to upend love and/or creative work. With Venus in your Relationships zone, the 1st could also be a moment for unexpected romance–or romantic blow-ups. You also have a major opposition with your ruler, prickly Saturn, the planet that corrects, on the 15th. Expect to feel some tightening rather than loosening around the purse strings of your heart, mind, spirit. But remember that the Taskmaster Planet gives lessons. What might it be trying to teach you around the 15th? Maybe you need to pull back a bit to gain perspective on love or a partner. When the Sun shifts into detail-oriented Virgo on the 21st, your Travel and Philosophy zone gets activated. Your focus should shift to learning something with an emphasis on the minutiae of a topic. Virgo season is all about the fine print.


Your month starts with a clang. On the 1st, Mars (war), Urnaus (upheaval), North Node (fire-starting-fluid) form a triple conjunction in Taurus which will be impacting your Home zone. It will also be squaring both your Relationship sector (where the Leo Sun will be residing) and your Selfhood sector (where your natal Sun lays in wait with grim Saturn). That’s a lot of difficult or unpredictable planets and a lot of squares (which are combative 90 degree aspects between them). In astro-speak this configuration is called a t-square. In plain speak, this loggerheads energy amid Home+Self+Relationship zones spells the potential for disruptive change. What’s more, the discordant clang of these aspects could resonate through the rest of the month, as Saturn and the Leo Sun oppose each other til 21st. The bottom line: lots of ego and heat around home related-matters. To be honest, lots of fixed energy, too, which suggests not budging on positions. For some reason, the Stars are making things hard to let go. The Sun enters into Virgo on the 21st, where it will be illuminating your Shared Finances sector. Issues around money+others (inheritances and debt) are seldom easy. Tough month. Tough month.


Like all the other signs, you will be impacted by the massive triple conjunction of Mars (war), Uranus (upheaval), and North Node (instigator), occurring in Taurus on the 1st of August. This placement, which will be most intense to start the month, but which will reverberate throughout it, will rock your Communication zone. Your usually low-key vibes could get much more heated when it comes to written and verbal expression–and the consequences of such louctions can be unexpected. This might not be the month for venturing into the sewers of social media and opining on politics–definitely try to avoid such activity on the 1st. Coinciding with this conjunction is the retrograding ofJupiter, your ruler, which will go from exuberant to introspective. It backspins on July 29th, but of all the signs, you are the most equipped to deal with retrogrades. Indeed, your nature is introspective and nocturnal. And, then, of course, you’re mutable water. Backward or forward planetary motion? Meh, whatever. So, while Jupiter changing direction in Aries is a massive volte face, you’re going to be feeling pretty, pretty good with this more internal version of Planet Luck (think mystical dimensions rather than worldly ones.) These innervision transit vibes continue with a Full Moon in your Unconscious zone on the 12th, which is the same day that lovely Venus leaves your House of Romance. Herein marks a perfect date night for you and a significant other. It should be dreamy, hazy, and coquettish. Take advantage of this ransit, because the Sun shifts into realistic Virgo on the 21st, when it will be lighting up your Partnership zone. Virgo stands for acts of service of a practical nature. The cosmos will be asking you to be more selfless toward partners (business or romantic) and more on the clock (you’re going to have to work on someone else’s schedule and with their needs).


Oh my. A very spicy month. On the 29th of July, Jupiter goes retrograde in your sign. As a consequence, you might be putting a lot of pressure on yourself, especially for the first few weeks of August, when the impact of the retro is strongest. Why? All of this exuberant, outward Aries/Jupiter energy since May (when Planet Luck entered your sign) is about to boomerang inward with the reversal. Combustibility. You will also need to pay attention to the 1st of August. That’s when you encounter a huge triple conjunction in the form of your ruling planet, aggro Mars, along with unpredictable Uranus and instigator North Node in Taurus. Your ruler is super unstable with this placement–and it will be activating your Money zone, where Mars doesn’t do well to begin with. This could be a month of unexpected expenses–but also of strange windfalls. You really have a wildcard placement in your Money sector throughout August. Try to be frugal, though that will be difficult. How come? The showy Leo Sun is out flossing/glossing in your Fun and Romance zone until the 21st. So much temptation to splurge. But the Sun shifts into grounded Virgo toward the end of August, where it will energise your Health and Routine zone. After all the shenanigans to start August, please take this low-key, somewhat conservative transit to get into a groove and settle down into the quiet pleasures of a schedule.


Where to begin? Transit-wise, it’s such a busy month for everyone, but perhaps for you more than others. That’s because on the 1st of August you have this exorbitant triple conjunction of Mars (aggression), Uranus (unpredictability), North Node (lighter fluid) in your Selfhood zone. While this unstable placement, which lasts for all of August, will be acting upon other signs (Leo might suddenly lose a job–“you’re fired”), the fact that this transit occurs in the Ego sector of your chart endows you with a kind of agency to make big changes, should you choose (“I quit”). All of this activity in the Selfhood zone forms a square with the Leo Sun in your 4th House of Home (joined by Venus, your ruler, on August 12th). Squares are combative aspects but they also spur action. Is it time to move somewhere new, to light out for the territory, to build a new place? Home is almost functioning as a metaphor for Self here. Work on one to work on the other. The bottom line is that the Stars are impacting your steady and stable nature in a big way this month. More of the same should take a back seat, perhaps, to the power of the new.


You’ve got a month where your loquacious nature dovetails seamlessly with some major transits. To wit: the showy Leo Sun energises your Communication zone until the 21st, while Mercury, your silver-tongued ruler, also transits this same sector until the 5th. The first week of the month looks especially strong, therefore, to concentrate on work/writing. Leo loves spectacle, so you may be drawn to flaunting your online presence somewhat with witty remarks about shoes and food. But we should also note that the month’s big, disruptive triple conjunction (Mars, Uranus, North Node) occurs in your 12th House of Unconscious. This House also has to do with exile and introspection. Maybe you could feel ousted from online communities–or you may find that communication is better served in isolation, as you try to work out the complicated metrics of your latest poem about red apples and Henry James. This triple conjunction, in that it deals with the 12th House, could also augur some sort of return of the repressed: unwanted letters, words, or friends washing up like flotsam on the shore of your ego’s beach front property. Mercury enters your Home zone on the 5th, where it is joined by the practical Virgo Sun on the 21st. Mercury likes to get down to brass tacks with the Maiden in the picture, indicating that it’s time to get your house in order, both figuratively and literally.


We must first attend to the outlandish triple conjunction of Mars (war), Uranus (upheaval), and North Node (fire-lighting fluid) in your Friendship zone on August 1st: drama, drama, drama, especially since we are in the midst of drama queen Leo. Expect the unexpected this month with friends who could become enemies–or enemies who could become friends. Aside from this triple conjunction, which could leave you at sixes and sevens with your crew, you have the showy Leo Sun lighting up your Money zone until the 21st. Strong. It might be nice to spend a bit of cash on something that sparkles hard around your neck, ear, or wrist. Your ruling planet, the Moon, is full on the 12th. It will be shining its penetrating light up in your Intimacy zone. Full Moons are times for celebration and culmination, so partake of some bubbly with an intimate relation on this evening and toast to eros. The Sun shifts into Virgo on the 21st, where it will highlight your Communication zone. This is a very practical placement. Rather than approaching discussions in your usual sideways-crab way, you will be more direct at work or with friends and lovers.


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