Your Aquarius horoscope predictions for 2023 have officially landed

aquarius horoscope 2023

Your Sun sign has been in the collective spotlight for the past few years now, in fact, many astrologers suggest that we have now entered the Aquarian Age. It makes sense that this new age has coincided with us being steadfastly in the digital age – an area of life that your sign also governs. The pace of reality is quickening. The rest of us are catching up to your natural speed of thought. 

Saturn has been in your sign since December 2020 and will depart your sign on the 7 March. Take note of this period in your life. A Saturn transit to your Sun sign is strong. As one of the conduits of the Zodiac, your sign feels the electric impulses of the new wave. Being a highly cerebral creature, you could easily live in the space between your ears. However, Saturn represents reality, 3D reality, time and space, responsibility, form and structure. This transit will have brought with it increased opportunities to land more of your magic into this time and space, into your world, our world. What has shifted for you since December 2020? What has come to the foreground of your life? How have you been called to take responsibility for your natural gifts and abilities, the areas of life that naturally feed your vitality, your Sun?

We are about to enter a 20-year transit of Pluto in your sign. This Saturnian transit has been the prelude to a highly transformative time for your sign (and for the collective). The last time we had a Pluto transit through Aquarius was 1778-98, a period of huge social change across the world. On 23 March until June this year, we will have our first modern taste of this energy. 

Take note of this period, mark it in your calendar and get curious about what arises in your world – it’s your entree into the themes that may crop up for you during this transit when Pluto moves back into your sign in January 2024 and stays there for the next two decades. 

Pluto is our power, our force. The force that comes from excavating and owning more of who we are. Pluto is also Hades, God of the Underworlds, in charge of the minerals lodged deep in our Earth. Having this energy move through your Sun sign archetype is deep, it’s transformative, it’s like entering a chrysalis period and claiming and reclaiming more of who you are, inhabiting more of your light (your Sun) and shining it out into your own life. 

Some questions to prepare you for this very deep and brilliantly transformative time. If you have felt that classic Aquarian outsider energy, how do you inhabit it now? Do you continue to create scenarios that reaffirm your outsider-ness, or do you feel at home within yourself and your community? Do you offer your magic, or do you keep it to yourself? Do you have people around you that operate on your wavelength? What stands in the way, if anything, of you offering your golden perspectives forward?

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