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Close encounters: Amandla Stenberg gets intimate for Chanel Coco Crush

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Meaningful encounters are serendipitous, there is no recipe or rhyme. They're the interactions that shape you and rock you back into your body – a thrill for the senses. After an encounter of this kind, one is different somehow. A shift actor Amandla Stenberg ruminates on in the latest Chanel Coco Crush campaign.

Stenberg is not a new face. Her acting credits are robust as they are lengthy, oscillating between potent young adult features and dark comedies from A24. What underpins each of her projects however, is an unwavering integrity and fearlessness, two qualities Chanel Coco Crush is built upon, and ones Stenberg shares with fellow actor Margaret Qualley and BLACKPINK member Jennie Kim, all of whom who come together for Chanel Coco Crush.


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"If an encounter was a book it would be the many times that I've read Beloved by Toni Morrison," Stenberg muses in the campaign video. It's a novel that holds many meanings for the actor and each time she picks it up, the encounters offers up fresh understandings of the world as she sees it. Adorned in the Coco Crush collection, Stenberg shares that her favourite jewellery pieces are the stackable rings which "feel so natural to adorn yourself with".

Moulded into each piece in the Coco Crush collection is Chanel's signature quilted motif. It stands as a physical reminder of these indelible encounters – those criss-crossing lines emblematic of the intersections at which life and magic happen. More than anything, the design prompts you to experience the world wide-eyed and seek out these encounters for yourself. Perhaps, it's for this reason that the diamond pattern has endured over the years, having first appeared in the form of the 2.55 handbag in 1955.

Explore the Coco Crush collection for yourself at the Chanel website. Alternatively, continue below to see Amandla Stenberg open up in the Coco Crush campaign.

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